A plan to preserve the splendid Beaux Arts facades of the Keith-Albee building here appeared close to acceptance yesterday by both city officials and the developer of the site.

Agreement on such a plan would mark an end to a long period of contention between the developer, Oliver T. Carr and citizen groups concerned with historic preservation.

On July 26, Carr, who plans to build a $60-million development on the square surrounding the building at 15th and G streets, proposed retaining the facades in return for help from the city on a variety of matters concerning the development.

Norman Glasgow, Carr's lawyer, said last night that James O. Gibson, assistant city administrator for planning and development, has "worked out a plan of action acceptable to Mr. Carr."

Glasgow said he expects to meet tomorrow with Bigson to finalize the proposal.

Gibson agreed last night in an interview that "we think we have the capability to resolve" the matter.

Details of the proposal were not immediately available, and Gibson said he did not wish to make public the plan before presenting it formally to Carr.

Carr's July 26 proposal came a day after a superior court judge refused to issue an injunction sought by a preservation group to keep Carr from razing the 68-year-old Keith-Albee building.

The city has supported Carr's development plan as a key part of downtown redevelopment. It has also been trying to satisfy preservationist demands.