The name of Washington's future Zoological Park subway station, located half a mile away from the zoo's main gate, has been changed. It is now "Woodley Park - Zoo."

The Metro board agreed last week with citizens of Woodley Park, the neighborhood centering on Connecticut Avenue near the Sheraton Park Hotel, who have contended for years that naming the station for the zoo alone was wrong and misleading.

Trains are scheduled to begin serving the station in 1981, when the Red Line is extended from Dupont Circle northward to the Van Ness-UDC station. Eventually the line will run to Shady Grove station, near Gaithersburg in Montgomery County.

The change in the zoo station's name was one of 10 approved by the Metro board, which pointedly ignored a request by the D.C. Armory Board that it change the name of the Stadium-Armory station on East Capitol Street to "Starplex" (for Stadium-Armory Complex).

Metro director Joseph Alexander, who had assailed the Starplex name proposal as "plastic," demanded at the board meeting that train operators be strictly forbidden from announcing that name to passengers. Some are doing it now, he complained.

Only one station now being used by trains will be given a new name. The Brookland station will be called "Brookland - CUA," the initials standing for the nearby Catholic University of America.

Other name changes, on stations yet to be built, are:

Nicholson Lane, on the future extension of the Red Line to Shady Grove, to be called White Flint.

Federal City College, on the future Yellow Green Line going north from downtown, to be called Mt. Vernon Sq-UDC. The abbreviation is needed because the full name would be too long for standard station signs.

Chillum, on the Yellow/Green Line, to be called W Hyattsville, abbreviated for the same reason.

Greenbelt Road, the northern outer terminal of the Yellow/Green Line, to be called Greenbelt.

Franconia, the southern outer terminal in Virginia of the Yellow Line, to be called Franconia-Springfield. It will not be abbreviated.

Three stations on the southern extension of the Green Line in Prince George's County were changed because the proposed alignment has been shifted. Naylor Road, Suitland and Branch Avenue stations were dropped, with Southern Avenue, St. Barnabas and Rosecroft substituted.