Four Fairfax Country police officers were injured early yesterday, one suffering a broken arm and another human bites, in a melee that broke out after police stopped a car in Reston. 4tTen officers were eventually involved in the melee with the car's driver and some of his passengers, police said, and three men from Reston were arrested.

The incident began about 1:30 a.m., according to police spokesman Warren Carmichael, when two police cruisers stopped a car that allegedly was weaving across the center line of Baron Cameron Avenue near Village Drive. Carmichael said the car's driver began scuffling with police after refusing to take an intoxication test.

After the fighting ended, Officer Christopher W. Kiley had a broken arm, Officer Dan Stewart had a bruised, arm, Patrolman Maurice Painter had been bitten several times and Sgt. Andrew Page had cuts on his face and eyes from glass that was broken when the rear window of a police cruiser was kicked out, Carmichael said.

The driver, Marshall McGee, 21, of 2641 Steeplechase Dr., Reston, was charged with driving while intoxicated, refusing an alcohol test, destroying cuntry property, assault and resisting arrest.

Cecil Bramham, 21, of 2303 Freetowm Ct., Reston, and Gary Lanham, 25, of 2231 Millrace La., Reston, were charged with public drunkenness and possession of a small amount of the drug PCP.