The Department of Environmental Services, which inspects District food establishments for compliance with the "truth in menu" law, cited the following restaurants for disparities in menu listings during regular inspections for July 16 through 20:

Bon Apetit, 2040 I St. NW - Inspectors said what was described on the menu as "ham" was actually port picnic shoulder.

Coleman's, 832 20th St. NW - Inspectors said what was described on the menu as "Maine lobster" and "Virginia Mountain Trout" could not be substantiated and that "milk fed veal" was actually not milk fed.

The department also cited the following food businesses for failure to comply with the D.C. General Food Regulations for the period of July 16-20:

ABS Deli, 3211 Mount Pleasant St. NW, had 19 violations. China Star Cafe, 1628 U St. NW, had 19 violations. Court of the Mandarins, 1824 M St. NW, had 23 violations. Danker's West, 525 School St. SW, had 24 violations. Foodway, 3215 23rd St. SE, had 25 violations. Manhatten Cafe, 1915 18th St. NW, had 14 violations. Normandy Carry-Out, 65 M St. SE, had 19 violations. Stand No. 36, 1306 5th St. NE, had 25 violations.

Reinspections were conducted July 16-20, and ABS Deli, Court of the Mandarins, Danker's West, Luigi's and Yes were found to be in substantial compliance with the D.C. regulations.