The 1979 Corvette being raffled in the annual muscular dystrophy charity drive run by 30 7-Eleven Stores in Montgomery County was donated by Dick Stevens Chevrolet in Wheaton, according to signs posted in the stores.

Not exactly.

The first $10,000 collected in the drive will pay for the sports car.

The signs saying that the car dealer donated the Corvette were removed yesterday after a story appeared in the Montgomery County Journal newspaper.

Jim Salmon, 7-Eleven district manager, said of the situation, "it's all twisted," and declined further comment.

Pat Hammerstrom, spokesman for the stores, achknowledged "an unfortunate use of words in the signs." She added, "there was no attempt to defraud or deceive the public."

Dick Stevens, owner of the car dealership, maintained that although his company gets $10,000 for the Corvette, the arrangement essentially amounts to donation since $10,000 is the wholesale price (it retails for $13,000) and he doesn't stand to make a profit.

The spots car will be raffled on Labor Day. So far, sales of the $10 raffle tickets (each of which says the Corvette was donated) have totaled $14,000.

"We've never had a problem quite like this before," said Hammerstrom. "Usually we raffle off Vegas or Toyotas and other less expensive cars that actually are donated by dealers. I guess Jim just couldn't find any local dealer to make a donation. We certainly don't like to pay for luxury cars out of our own pockets."