A number of "help wanted" requests from federal agencies piled up during my vacation. Here are the jobs, grades, location and numbers to call for more informatton:

Medical Officer: Government Printing Office has a GS 11 through 14 opening (night shift) and also wants part-time nurses, GS 7 through 9. Send Form 171 to the GPO Employment Office, attention of Jim Curran.

Supervisory Personnel Management Specialist: General Services Administration needs one at the Grade 14 level. Send form 171 to Frank Davis in personnel, 18th & F Sts. NW.

Top Secretaries: Labor Department has a Grade 6 and 7 vacancy. Send applications to Joan Carter, Room C-5518, 200 Constitution Ave. NW. Zip 20210.

Supervisory Fiscal Operations Specialist: Labor wants one at the GS 11 level. Call Hugh Stearns at 523-9335.

Para-Legal Specialist: Federal Deposit Ins. Corp., has a (status only) Grade 9 or 11 job. Call Carol Bear at 389-4671.

Clerical Jobs: Veterans Administration Medical Center is looking for a clerk-steno, secretary-steno; clerk-typist and secretary-typing. Grades range from GS 2 to 5. Contact J. Carol Poor at 50 Irving St. NW. Zip 20422.

Secretary (Typing): Labor Department's Women's Bureau wants someone at the Grade 6 level. Call Vivian Carpentier on 523-6677.

Rockville Jobs: National Weather Service is looking for a secretary, computer system's analyst, general engineer, electronics technician and electronics engineer. Call Mr. Johnson on 427-7924.