Prince George's County Executive Lawrence J. Hogan has appointed a special advisory committee to consider the ethics of his support for a state-backed loan for District Moving and Storage, Inc., a firm represented by his lawyer wife.

The County Council urged Hogan last month to ask the ethics board for an opinion on the issue, but County Attorney Robert Ostrom told Hogan in an opinion last week that technically, the ethics board no longer existed.

The last ethics board was appointed by former County Executive Winfield M. Kelly, Jr., but under the county charter the terms of its members expired when Hogan took office last December. Hogan has not appointed new members.

The advisory board appointed by Hogan contains two members of the old ethics board, Democrats Marion West and William McGrath. The third member appointed by Hogan is the Rev. Ronald D. Fenwick of Hyattsville, a Republican.

Hogan directed the advisory committee to complete an advisory opinion by Sept. 20 on whether Hogan's endorsement of the loan was a conflict of interest. The Hogan and Hogan law firm has represented the District Moving firm for several years.

A public hearing on the issue tentatively has been scheduled by the advisory committee for Sept. 4.