The D.C. Police Department's 1978 annual report, a glossy, 60-page color magazine, is finally out, 11 months after the fiscal year ended.

"We went for quality instead of timing," said Police Inspector Rodwell M. Catoe, whose planning and development division published the report.

The tardy report, and Catoe's own photograph and job description, drew some criticism from police officers last week.

Catoe is listed in the report as director of the planning and development division, although he did not take over the division until after fiscal year 1979 began last October. In addition, he was not promoted to inspector until March 1979, six months after the period covered in the report. Catoe said he had actually been a captain in the division during fiscal 1978.

"It's wrong, out-of-date and useless," said one officer about the report, which cost $13,000 to print. Seven thousand copies were printed.

The report includes annual crime statistics for city. It also lists the various police divisions, former police chiefs, officers who have died in the line of duty and salary schedules for all officers and civilian members of the department.

Officers also complained that the upgrading of Catoe's title in the report helped delay the printing and distribution of the book, a charge Catoe denies.

"We try to be as up-to-date as possible," Catoe said of his personal listing.

While Catoe's promotion in March was noted in the report, several officials who outrank him and who were also promoted in the spring of 1979 were listed in their old 1978 roles.

Catoe said those officials had been promoted in May, too late to be included in the book, which was distributed last week.

The insertion of Catoe's title as director of the division required the printers to shift other photographs, and started a chain reaction. The photograph of Inspector Ronald Cox, who actually was director of the division in 1978, had to be moved to reflect his 1979 position in charge of training. The picture of Inspector Francis Charles had to be moved out of the training slot and put into his 1979 position as night supervisor.

Catoe said he got Police Chief Burtell M. Jefferson's permission to use his current rank and job title and saw no error with his identification in the 1978 report.

"I don't know what all the fuss is about," Catoe said.