The Department of Environmental Services, which inspects District food establishments for compliance with the truth-in-menu law, cited the following restaurants for disparities in menu listings during regular inspections July 23-Aug. 3:

The Greenery Restaurant, 1144 18th St. NW. Inspectors said what was described on the menu as "homemade soups" were actually canned and what was described as "fresh crab salad" was, in fact, frozen.

Four Provinces, 3412 Connecticut Ave. NW. What was described on the menu as "freshly baked Irish soda bread" was not made every day, the inspectors said.

Cafe Hollywood and Vine, 2006 I St. NW-Inspectors said what was described on the menu as "ham" was actually picnic shoulder.

Chez Maurice, 3206 O St. NW-Inspectors said what was described listed on the menu as "homemade baklava" was actually not made on the premises.

The department also cited the following food businesses for failure to comply with the D.C. General Food Regulations for the period of July 23- Aug. 3:

Deli, 600 C St. NW, 27 violations.

Capitol Crab House, 1306 N. Capitol St. NW, has 23 violations.

Capitol Supermarket, 1231 11th St. NW, had 20 violations and Federal Homeloan Bank Cafeteria, 320 First St. NW, had 14 violations.

When reinspections were conducted July 23-Aug. 3, Freddy's Carry Out, 3209 Mount Pleasant St. NW, Le Steak Restaurant, 3060 M St. NW, Foodway, 3215 23rd St. SE and Manhattan, 1915 18th St. NW were found to be in substantial compliance with the D.C. regulations.