A wide variety of classes, courses and seminars on religious themes and tenets is currently being offered in the Washington area. Among them are:

Women's Seminar entitled "Renewing Love," sponsored by Renewing Life Ministries Inc., a scripture-based course presenting biblical guidelines for improving self-image and enriching relationships. Classes will continue for 11 weeks at six area churches beginning Monday. Cost -- $20. For further information, call 354-8442.

Judaic courses, including Israeli folk dance, Yiddish poetry, kosher gourmet cooking and various classes in music, dance and theater. Sponsored by the Jewish Community Center of Greater Washington and accredited by the Maryland Board of Education. Begins Monday. Call 881-0100.

Judaic courses, including basic Judaism, 20th century Jewish literature, Commentary magazine discussion groups. Sponsored by Temple Shalom, 8401 Grubb Rd., Chevy Chase. Begins Sept. 17; registration 7:30 p.m. Sunday at the temple. Call 587-2273.

Natural Family Planning, two day-long sessions on the symptothermol method of planning, which is morally compatible with Catholic teaching. Sponsored by the Couple to Couple League of St. Joseph Church, 11005 Queene Anne Ave., Beltsville. Begins Sept. 15 at the church. Cost $22. Call 864-1482.

Lay Ministry Training, local church leaders and lay educators aid prospective clergy to determine if they have a calling. Students will explore the biblical base for ministry, and examine family and affiliation issues. Classes to be held on alternate Fridays from October through May. Minimum $10 monthly pledge. Call 525-7770 or 827-0336.

Televised religion courses, based on 13-part series entitled "The Long Search," a study of 12 contemporary religions and how they influence the lives of their followers. Programs will be carried on channels 14, 26, and 53 several times each week, beginning Sept. 23. Sponsored by Northern Virginia Community Colleges.

Liturgical dance, a course designed for dancers and nondancers who seek to understand the effective use of gesture and movement in worship. Instructor Kathryn Fredgren, former artistic director, Arlington Dance Theatre. Sponsored by the Georgetown University Continuing Education Department. Ten sessions beginning Sept. 18. Call 625-3001.