A 22-year-old Chevy Chase man has pleaded guilty in U.S. court here to heading a drug ring that used stolen prescription pads to write and obtain prescriptions for drugs, which were in turn reportedly sold largely to patrons of Georgetown bars.

Entering the guilty plea was Andrew Angeloni, of 7706 Delaware St., Chevy Chase. Angeloni also reportedly used the names of Andrew Antonelli and Andrew Crispi, according to investigators.

According to the criminal charges filed against Angeloni on Monday, he and his confederates would steal blank prescription pads from doctors' offices. In at least one incident, according to investigators,one of his confederates got the blank forms by dressing as a nurse and entering a medical building after dark by using the ruse that she worked there and had forgotten something.

Angeloni and his confederates would then fill out the prescriptions in the names of persons whose identification cards they had stolen in various Georgetown bars, the charges continued.

They wrote approximately 250 prescriptions, usually for monthly supplies of drugs such as Quaaludes and Dexedrine, according to the charges.

When writing the prescriptions, they would occasionally note on the form that the doctor should be called for verification, the charges continued. On such occasions, they would post a co-conspirator in a doctor's office or hospital to verify the prescriptions when the number was called, according to Assistant U.S. Attorney Robert F. O'Neill.

The pills, which have a street value of $2-to- $5 each, would then be sold in various bars, according to investigators.

Metropolitan Police Department detectives Ronnie Harrison and Evelyn Claytor uncovered the ring in a routine investigation of filled prescriptions, investigators added. A former Georgetown bartender also in being sought in the case, they said.