Fairfax County supervisors, turning aside a neighborhood's protest, busy landfill in the western part of the county open.

Following the lead of Supervisor Joseph Alexander (D-Lee), the supervisors voted, 6 to 3, to keep the West Ox Road landfill open for as many as three years and then convert it to a transfer station for trash. By 1982, trash brought to the landfill will be trucked to the District-owned Lorton landfill and buried, according to the supervisor's plan.

In an apparent reference to the Nov. 6 county elections, Alexander told the board yesterday, "I hope the board has enough intestinal fortitude to make a decision at this time."

Resident of the West Ox Road community were angered by the board's action.

"I think this is the most horrible thing I have seen in the 15 years I have lived here," said Donna Cristea of 4220 West Ox Rd. "We have been promised twice that the landfill would be closed."

The first promise came in 1970, when the supervisors voted to close the landfill by no later than the end of 1973, she said.

Alexander, who was on the board then, said yesterday the county "made a mistake in not considering all the factors" previously. But the cost of closing the landfill and not establishing a transfer station there would have been phenomenal," he said.

Like her neighbors, Frances Pistor, who lives at 12723 Olivia Dr. not far from the landfill, said she is worried about what the board's decision will mean to the value of her house. "We bought it in 1978 with the expectation that the landfill would be closed by the end of 1979."

Though the landfill, which is located alongside Interstate Rte. 66 slightly more than a mile west of Fairfax City will be converted to a transfer station, that will mean continued heavy truck traffic on West Ox Road -- one of the main objections of the neighborhood.

According to Public Works Director Glen G. Ehrich, the transfer operation will be a cleaner operation because trucks won't have to bury their trash at the location -- just shift their loads to larger vehicles.

Supporting Alexander's motion to keep the landfill alive were chairman John F. Herrity, and Supervisors Audrey Moore (D-Annandale), Warren I. Cikins (D-Mount Vernon), James M. Scott (D-Providence) and John P. Shacochis (R-Dranesville).

he opposition to continuing the landfill was led by Supervisor Marie B. Traveski (R-Springfield), whose district includes the landfill and the surrounding neighborhood. Voting with her were Supervisors Martha V. Pennino (D-Centreville), whose district used to include the area, and Alan H. Magazine (D-Mason).

Travesky, who argued a transfer station could be established elsewhere in the county, said during the debate: "The people (of the West Ox Road area) do not want a transfer site built there . . . we have a very dangerous situation there now and we cannot allow it to continue."