Edward A. Levicy has been convicted of murder and kidnapping in the execution-style slaying of a Washington man on the Suitland Parkway last December.

A Prince George's County Circuit Court jury convicted Levicy after 11 hours of deliberation that stretched late into Monday night.

During the five-day trial, Levicy's three codefendants testified against him in exchange for having charges against them dropped. They had been charged as accomplices in the shotgun murder of Alfred Sarvis, whose body was found beaten, bound, gagged and shot three times in the head.

Levicy could be sentenced to two life terms in prison plus 63 years on the various charges against him in connection with the case.

"It was a terrible price for the citizens of Prince George's County to pay," said defense attorney Fred Bennett, referring to the decision by the state to drop charges against the three alleged accomplices. "The state's policy is that when their case is so weak that they can't get a conviction, they make as many deals as possible."

During the trial, the three men originally charged as accomplices, Frank Winston, Leroy Pittman and Ronald Branch, testified that Levicy beat Sarvis, tied and gagged him, and took him on the Suitland Parkway near Andrews Air Force Base, where he was dumped on the side of the road and shot.

The defense contended that Levicy had been in his apartment with an upset stomach the night of the murder.

Terrence McGhann said the plea-bargining agreements were necessary to to win the conviction of Levicy.