The Department of Environmental Services, which inspects D.C. food establishments for compliance with the "truth in menu" law, cited the following restaurants for disparities in menu listings during regular inspections Aug. 6-10, Aug. 13-17 and Aug. 20-31:

Shanghai Gardens, 4469 Connecticut Ave. NW -- Inspectors said what was described on the menu as "chopped sirloin steak" was actually ground beef; Honey's Carry-Out, 729 11th St. NW -- the described "fresh shrimp" was frozen and the described "chopped sirloin steak" was chopped beef and onion patty.

O'Donnell's, 1219 E St. NW -- Inspectors said the described "Idaho potatoes" were actually from Oregon; Patent Pending, 801 F St. NW -- Inspectors said the described "kosher pickles" were not kosher; Honey's Carry-Out, 729 11th St NW -- Inspectors said the described "sirloin steak" was actually beef and onion patty.

The department also cited the following businesses for failure to comply with the D.C. General Food Regulations during the same time periods:

Central Union Mission, 613 C St. NW, had 15 violations; Corner Market, 725 20th St. NE, 25 violations; Georgetown Pizzeria, 1352 Wisconsin Ave. NW, 26 violations; Beef Feeders, 518 10th St. NW, 16 violations; Brown Derby, 3333A Connecticut Ave. NW, 21 violations; Northwest Pizza, 735 Kennedy St. NW, 24 violations; Sheff's Restaurant, 1236 S Capitol St. SE, 17 violations; Temple Court Cleaners, 33 K St. NW, 22 violations; Claney's, 2447 Good Hope Rd. SE, 14 violations; Georgetown Restaurant, 533 7th St. NW, seven violations; Honey's Carry-Out, 729 11th St. NW, 13 violations; Skyline Inn, 10-(001) I St. SW, seven violations; Thompson Lunch, 1101 V St, NW, eight violations.

When reinspections were conducted the following establishments were found to be in substantial compliance with the D.C. regulations: Capitol Supermarket, 1231 11th St. NW, Central Union Mission, Corner Market, Stand No. 36, 1309 5th St. NE, Beef Feeders, Gino's, 4205 Georgia Ave. NW, Sheff's Restaurant, Clancy's, Georgetown Restaurant, Honey's Carry-Out, Northwest Pizza, Skyline Inn, Temple Court Cleaners and Thompson Lunch.