Three major Jewish organizations have expressed regret that the executive committee of the National Council of Churches has asked Israel and the United States to end their "no-talk" policy regarding the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) without demanding that the PLO first recognize Israel.

"The representatives of America's largest grouping of Protestant and Orthodox churches have failed to face the moral and religious issue underlying America's no-talk policy with the terrorist Palestine Liberation Organization," the American Jewish Committee, the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) of B'nai B'rith, and the Synagogue Council of American said in a joint statement.

"In carrying out its goal, the PLO resorts to self-confessed acts of terrorism against innocent civilians throughout the world," the joint statement said. "The failure of the executive committee of the NCC to demand the cessation of these acts and the rejection of the notorious PLO Covenant is to avoid the moral issue that religious organizations must not evade."

In its resolution, the NCC executive committee espoused the right of Israel to exist as a free nation with secure borders. An amendment calling for U.S. recognition of the PLO was referred to a new National Council of Churches Middle East study panel instructed to report to the next meeting of the ecumenical organization's governing board in November.