About 300 people turned out for a party on the 800 block of Crittenden St. NE Sunday to promote good relations between the oldest and youngest residents of the street. The celebration included food, games and music.

While the party was held in honor of the senior citizens of the neighborhood, the youngest members of the community were not forgotten.

Seven residents between the ages of 71 and 87, and six of the block's youngest residents, ranging from 16 months to 22 months, were given certificates and gifts donated by neighbors.

"We want them (the senior citizens) to know they haven't been forgotten just because they're getting older," explained Shirley Togans, entertainment chairman for the party.

"Older people around here are very good with the kids . . . and the kids are taught to respond to them.

"It (the party) created a lot of friendliness around here, a lot more than before," she said.

The party was described as a "joint effort" by the block, according to party organizers. Most of the neighbors contributed their time or prizes.

Togans said she and her neighbors hope that their efforts to promote senior citizen involvement in this way would serve as an example for other communities in the area.