Six teen-agers have been arrested in connection with 61 robberies - most of them last summer -- of office workers and others in the area around North Carpitol and K streets.

The victims, who were mostly middle-aged to elderly, were robbed as they were going to or from their parked cars in the area near Sursum Corda, a nearby public housing project.

Some victims were robbed while sitting in their cars at stop signals. Others were forced to drive their robbers -- who got into their cars at the traffic signals -- to secluded areas, where they were robbed of cash and jewelry. Three victims were forced to take their robbers on shopping sprees.

The robbers used guns, knives or merely threats against their victims, who included two physicians, a Secret Service agent, college students, lawyers and an administrative law judge, among others.

Sgt. Richard G. Lamb of the robbery squad said the teen-agers were not an organized gang, although often as many as four of them would work together.

The robberies occurred in a period beginning in April 1978 and running through last summer. Most of them occurred during the summer. Some days, three to four robberies were reported.

"One or two or more of them would jump in the car when people were stopped at the red light," said Detective Robert Goode. "They would force the drivers to drive to a nearby schoolyard or churchyard, where they would rob them and leave."

The robbers would take cash and jewelry, Lamb said. None of the victims was injured.

A computer specialist for the Justice Department was one of the victims. He was robbed on Aug. 6 as he went to his parked car on L Street near New Jersey Avenue.

"I had unlocked the door and before I could get in, this guy with a gun came up behind me and told me to slide over," the man said yesterday. "He [the robber] asked for my wallet, watch and jewelry. He wasn't too satisfied with the $3 he found in my wallet and my Timex watch."

The computer specialist said he told the robber he "might be able to buy something" with his American Express credit card. The robber -- who had said he wanted some money to buy clothes -- told the man to drive to the nearby Hecht's store. Once there, he picked out $200 worth of jackets, pants and shirts which the man bought with his credit card.

Then they walked to a Woodward & Lothrop store, where he bought another $200 worth of clothing. "He must be the best dressed young man in Northwest," the victim said yesterday.

The man said "the nightmare" ended when they left Woodies. The robber returned the car keys and fled.

The next day, two youths robbed two D.C. employes of $10,ooo in cash and jewelry and forced their victims to take them on a shopping spree financed by their own credit cards.

The spree ended in Iverson Mall in Prince George's County, where the youths were arrested when the victims escaped.

Lamb said the arrest on Aug. 7 of the two youths in that case was an important break in the investigation. Subsequent arrests were made over a period of weeks.

Lamb said he had no idea of how much the group netted, but he said the second shopping spree involved the highest amount.

Police said one woman was approached while waiting in her car at a traffic signal. She told the robbers she only had $3. "I got more than you," the robber reportedly told the victim as he showed her a roll of bills.

According to the detectives, the teen-agers worked the crowds in the area during the morning and evening rush hours. They operated a four-to six-block radius of Sursum Corda in Northwest.

Sursum Corda is a public housing project on a 5 1/2-acre site bounded by North Capitol, First, L and M streets. Several office buildings are nearby, including Veterans Administration and Federal Energy Regulatory Commission offices.

Arrested in connection with the robberires are Michael Bridges, 19, of 65 K St., NW; Darnell Clinksdale, 17, of 1156 First L., NW; Kelvin F. Freeman, 17, of 67 New York Ave. NW; Larry G. Mickens, 18, of 1140 North Capitol St., NW; Thomas Joseph Mitchell, 16, of 1169 First Terrace, NW; and Daniel E. Tyson, 16, of 1522 Fifth St., NW.