The Archdiocese of Washington yesterday released the names of persons selected by Cardinal William Baum to receive communion directly from Pope John Paul II during Sunday's mass on the Mall. The list:

Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Canan, Sister Virgine Pugh, Kathleen Enzler, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Rowan, Ann C. Wolfe, Mr. and Mrs. Peter Gingrich, Mr. and Mrs. Edward Cizewski, Mrs. Pat Wright, Mr. and Mrs. Clifford Woods, Mr. and Mrs. John Dorsey, Marilyn Kearns, Jacqueline Wilson, Sister Margarita Cecilia, Nellie Gray.

Dr. and Mrs. Andrew Favret, John W. Ridenour, John H. McClure, Patricia K. Rinaldi, Truman G. Giffin Jr., William Anderson, Brother Timothy Johnson, Col. John Zelonis Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Ray Heinen, Mr. and Mrs. James Sullivan, Irene Puntch, Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Stevenson, Elizabeth Parsons, Dr. and Mrs. William Colliton, Emma Brooks, Mrs. John Harper, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Leftus, Sister Constance Ward, Frances Hurney, Mr. and Mrs. Walter Jones, Mr. and Mrs. James Jones.

Mr. and Mrs. Edward Moynihan, Dr. Maria Petrenko, Mr. and Mrs. Larry Cain, Mr. and Mrs. Cornelius Heine, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Smith, Sister Rose Celeste, the John W. Anderson family, Mr. and Mrs. Norman Bankins, Mr. and Mrs. James E. Cabaniss.

Mr. and Mrs. Xavier Puslowski, Dr. and Mrs. Conrad Bernier, Mrs. Abell Longmore, Edwin Schreier, Carolyn F. Armstrong, Brother Cyprian Rowe, Col. and Mrs. John Posey, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Garrity.

Mr. and Mrs. James Cecil, Mr. and Mrs. Virgil Dechant, Mr. and Mrs. John Crncovik, Sister Vincent Marie Hughes, Dominga Arias, Mary Ellen Dougherty, Lillian Queen, Mr. and Mrs. Ricardo Cadenas, Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Carey.

Mr. and Mrs. Harry Seeback, Mary Elmore, Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Sablehaus, Frances Williams, Clara Kenny, Dorothy Shannon, the William A. Tayac family, Bridget Marie Wilson, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Hayden, Ann Wolf, Anthony Willging, Dr. and Mrs. Paul Jaquet.