A D.C. Superior Court judge yesterday issued a warrant for the arrest of former D.C. City Council member Douglas Moore after Moore failed to appear in court to explain why he has not submitted to court-ordered psychiatric testing.

Judge Milton D. Korman ordered Moore to undergo psychiatric tests in June 1976 after Moore was convicted of assault for biting a tow truck driver in a 1975 scuffle in the City Council parking lot.

Moore was sentenced to pay a fine of $500 and to spend six months in jail as a result of the conviction.But Korman suspended the jail term and placed Moore on two years probation. A condition of the probation was that Moore undergo a mental examination. If the examination indicated a need for psychiatric treatment, Moore was to submit himself for treatment.

Moore was ordered to court yesterday to tell why he has so far not sought the mental examination ordered by the court. But Moore did not appear.

In the hearing, Korman said Moore called his chambers early yesterday and stated he would not be able to attend. When the judge's secretary called Moore back to urge his presence, he told her that he had to attend "an emergency contractual negotiating session" and would not be available.

The judge immediately issued a bench warrant for Moore's arrest. When Moore is arrested he is to be placed on a $1,000 bond.

Late yesterday U.S. Marshal J. Jerome Bullock said his deputies had spent the day looking for Moore but had been unsuccessful in locating him.