Today, the subway will operate its usual Saturday hours, from 8 a.m. to midnight, with trains running every 10 minutes.

The subway will operate tomorrow from 6 a.m. to midnight -- later if necessary. Trains will run every six minutes on all lines. More frequent service than that is planned after the mass on the Mall, probably around 5:30 p.m.

Metro will not permit patrons to leave the Smithsonian station at the mid-Mall exit because of its closeness to the papal stage and altar and recommends the station be avoided.

Subway riders may use the other Smithsonian exit at 12th Street and Independence Avenue or any of the L'Enfant Plaza exits near 7th and D streets SW, but they'll have to take a long walk to get to the Mall. Police are planning to cordon off an area between Independence Avenue and Jefferson Drive from Fourth to 14th Street as a secure "no-go" zone. Subway patrons coming out of stations adjacent to the zone will have to walk to either Fourth or 14th to get around the Mall to the north of Jefferson Drive.

Metro, therefore, recommends riders walk to the Mall from the Federal Center SW, Federal Triangle, Union Station, Judiciary Square, Gallery Place and Metro Center stations.

The Farecard system for paying train fares will not be used. Passengers will pay a flat 50-cent cash fare for all trips by depositing exact change in screened metal barrels at station entrances.

The same 50-cent cash fare arrangement will be required both days. :METRO BUSES

Buses will operate today on a regular Saturday schedule. Because of the pope's movements through town, Metro officials expect there will be times when buses -- like other vehicles on the street -- will be delayed.

Police will close streets temporarily around St. Matthew's Cathedral and Catholic University, for example, when the pope goes to those locations. Traffic will be rerouted, thus causing some delays and congestion.

City buses will run on regular Sunday schedules but extra buses will be added to 68 major routes, beginning at 7 a.m. At least 200 more buses will be used as shuttles to bring in people from outlying parking lots who have come from out of town on chartered buses.

Regular off-peak bus fares will be charged on regular route buses. Shuttle buses will charge 50-cents each way. :CHARTER BUSES

Chartered buses will be parked at one of four outlying areas -- the Pentagon parking lots, the grounds of East and West Potomac parks and Lots 1, 2 and 3 of RFK Stadium. Shuttle bus service will be operated between the buses and the Mall area for those buses parked at the Pentagon and East and West Potomac parks. Riders whose buses park at RFK Stadium will take the subway to the Mall area. Bus and train riders will pay 50-cents each way for rides. :DRIVING

Most streets in the Mall area, including Independence and Constitution avenues and streets crossing the Mall, will be closed to traffic at 6 a.m. Sunday. However, police will attempt to keep open the Southeast-Southwest Freeway, 23rd Street NW and the three tunnels under the Mall on Third, Ninth and 12th streets.

Drivers entering Washington on the 14th Street Bridge will probably be shunted onto the Southwest Freeway on Sunday. Drivers using Memorial and Roosevelt bridges will be routed north on 23rd Street.

Police are committed to keeping shuttle bus routes open at the expense of automobile traffic. A major shuttle bus route from the Pentagon traverses Washington Boulevard in Arlington and then crosses Memorial Bridge. Police say they will close those two roadways on Sunday to automobiles if it is necessary to keep the shuttles running.

The Shirley Highway inbound express bus lanes will open at 11 p.m. Saturday for buses only, no car pools. They will close at 3 p.m. Sunday.

After the mass, southbound 14th Street Bridge traffic will be routed onto the express bus lanes under the tentative plans. The regular traffic lanes of the bridge will be turned over to pedestrians wishing to hike back to Virginia. Police in both the District and Virginia plan to adjust traffic signals to accommodate outbound vehicles. PARKING

There will be no parking in the Mall area today or tomorrow.

Most downtown Washington parking garages will be open both days. Some will give preference to their regular contract customers. The lots will charge "established rates," according to the Washington Parking Association.

On-street parking will be permitted in most downtown areas north of Pennsylvania Avenue.

Fringe parking on Sunday will be provided free at the following locations, but spaces are limited:

In the District of Columbia -- South Capitol Street fringe lot at South Capitol and Fifth Sterling Street SE, and Carter Barron at 16th and Kennedy streets NW.

In Maryland -- Sears White Oak Shopping Center, New Hampshire Avenue and Lockwood Road; Korvetes, 11800 Rockville Pike, Rockville; Woodward and Lothrop/Geico, Wisconsin and Western avenues, Chevy Chase, George Palmer Highway fringe lot between U. S. 50 and Md. 450 on Palmer Highway; Montgomery County lots near the Silver Spring station.

In Virginia -- Springfield Industrial Park at Backlick Road and Pentagon North Parking.

Shuttle bus or extra regular-route Metrobus service will be operated between the above-listed fringe parking lots to either the Mall or a subway staion.

All Metro-operated parking lots at Metro stations will be free. About 12,000 spaces are available at RFK Stadium, near the Stadium-Armory station, for $2. The privately owned Pentagon City station lot will be open and will charge $1.25. :MISSING PERSONS

Missing persons facilities will be located at four first aid stations in the Mall area. To help find missing persons, also call the D. C. Police missing persons section, 576-6771.

Church officials said they will provide temporary emergency shelter for stranded persons at three churches near downtown: St. Aloysius Church, 19 I St. NW; St. Martin's Church, 1908 N. Capitol St., and St. Dominic's Church, 630 E. St. SW. :FOOD

Several temporary and permanent food concessions will be open in the Mall area. Also, cafeterias in three nearby Smithsonian museums -- Natural History, Air and Space, History and Technology -- will be open until 9 p.m. on Saturday and Sunday. Food capacity is limited to about 35,000 meals at the cafeterias each day and officials urged people to bring their own food. :TELEPHONE NUMBERS

Information about Pope John Paul II'S visit to Washington can be obtained by calling the following telephone numbers.

Archdiocesan general information 783-1465

D. C. Police information 727-4383 U. S. Park Police information


National Park Service

426-6760 Metro general information


Medical Command Post

673-6663 or 673-6664

(A Department of Human Resources spokeswoman advises that persons with specific medical problems who are planning to attend the mass on the Mall should carry with them a list of the medications they take and the name of their doctor and his telephone number.) :EMERGENCIES

Ten first aid stations will be located on and around the Mall, staffed by physicians and nurses from the D. C. Department of Human Resources, Red Cross volunteers and litter bearers provided by the Knights of Columbus. In addition, there will be 13 ambulances, two mobile intensive care units and a specially designed golf cart with coronary care equipment for getting through crowds. Four police helicopters will be prepositioned near the Mall to airlift seriously ill or injured persons to the Washington Hospital Center. Red Cross workers will also man four "lost persons" stations. :SANITATION

In addition to toilet facilities in the museums and other public buildings in the Mall area, archdiocesan planners contracted for about 500 portable toilets to be clustered at various points just north of the Mall at 3rd, 4th, 7th, 12th and 14th Streets. No portable toilets will be located around the papal stage and altar.