A Florida man armed with three loaded pistols who said he wanted to see President Carter, was arrested across the street from the White House yesterday, shortly before the pope's arrival there.

The man, identified as Timothy Robert Burgess, 36, of Gainsville, reportedly told officials later that he had come here "either to be arrested or shot by the police."

Burgess, who identified himself as a draftsman, was wearing a T-shirt, red bandana, combat boots and denim vest and trousers when he was taken into custody without incident in Lafayette Park shortly before 1 p.m.

Officials said Burgess, carrying a briefcase and accompanied by a large black dog, was first stopped by police at the corner of 15th Street and Pennsylvania Avenue as he sought to cross the street.

"I want to talk to Jimmy Carter," he told D.C. Police Sgt. M. J. Johnson.

Told he would have to telephone for an appointment, Burgess asked the number. Johnson told him to call information and pointed toward a nearby phone booth.

"I don't have any change," the man replied in what was described as a sarcastic tone. He turned and walked off. A secret service agent in plainclothes followed him into Lafayette Square, and two uniformed U.S. Park policemen confronted him.

According to one account, which could not be immeidately confirmed, the man asked one of the officers where the pope could be found, and also inquired about the papal schedule.

When the dog tugged at its leash, extending the man's arm, Park Police officer Vincent Jones said he saw two shoulder holsters beneath the man's vest. Police moved in. An officer seized the man under each arm.

Police said they found two .45 caliber automatic pistols under the vest. They said the man was carrying another .45 in the briefcase. All were fully loaded and each had a round in the chamber, they said.

Police said they charged Burgess with three counts of carrying a concealed handgun and possessing unregistered ammunition -- 200 bullets. He was also charged with possession of a dangerous weapon -- an 18-inch hunting knift -- and possession of marijuana.

Authorities in Gainesville said a Timothy Robert Burgess who lived there received a traffic citation in 1976 for driving without a valid Florida inspection sticker. The address they listed for Burgess was that of a paint factory.

Factory officials said they did not know him. Records also indicated that he may previously have lived in the Miami area.

In a second incident, a 19-year-old Bethesda man was seized by police after he ran to within about 20 feet of the pope outside the Apostolic Delegation in the 3300 block of Massachusetts Avenue NW. Authorities said the man, found to be carrying a toy pistol, was determined to be an 'overzealous admirer' of the pope and was released.

Two other arrests were reported yesterday in the White House area. Police said Gregory S. Jones, 22, of 112 S St. NW was charged with a pick-pocket attempt.

The other arrest was of a man carrying placards reportedly attacking the pope. He was charged with demonstrating illegally.