Margaret Haoneycutt, 97 a member of a distinguished military family, died Sept. 29 in Warrenton, Va. hospital following a stroke.

She was the daughter of an Army colonel, the sister of two Lieutenant generals, the wife of an Army major general and the mother of another.

Mrs. Honeycutt was born at Fort Stevens, Ore., the daughter of Col. Millard F. Harmon, and 1880 graduate of the U.S. Military academy at West Point and an officer in the field artillery.

As is the custom in the military, she traveled with her family to posts in the United states and abroad. She lived on bases from New York to South Carolina and from Havana to the Philippines. She spent about 20 years of her life in Washington.

Her husband, Maj. Gen. Francis W. Honeycutt, was on the faculty of the Army War College here during the 1930's and died in an airplane crash in Georgia in September 1940. He was commanding general of Fort Bragg, N.C. and of an infantry division at the time of his death.

Mrs. Honeycutt lost a brother, Army Air Corps Lt. Gen. Millard Harmon, in a plane crash over the Pacific Ocean in March 1944. Gen. Harmon, a 1912 graduate of the U.S. Military Academy, was commander of the Army Air Forces, Pacific Ocean areas, when he died.

A second brother, Air Force Lt. Gen. Hubert Reilly Harmon, a 1915 West Point graduate, was the first sucperintendent of the U.S. Air Force Academy. He died in 1957.

Mrs. Honeycutt continued to travel extensively after her husband's death. During the 1950s she lived with a daughter, Jane H. West, and her husband, retired Army Col. William W. West III, in Germany.

She then lived in Washington before moving to New Mexico in 1970 to live with her other daughter, Margaret H. Graul, and her husband, retired Air Force Maj. Gen. Donald P. Graul. Mrs. Graul died in 1972 and Gen.aiGraul died earlier this year.

For the last several years Mrs. Honeycutt had lived in Warrenton with Col. and Mrs. West.

In addition to her daughter, Mrs. Honeycutt is survived by a son, retired Army Maj. Gen. John T. Honeycutt of Albuquerque, N.M.; six grandchildren, and three great-grandchildren.