Two Metro transit police officers were assaulted Tuesday afternoon by a group of young people on a Metro bus when the officers tried to arrest one youngster who was carrying a handgun, officicals reported yesterday.

According to police and Metro officials, the incident occured at 3:30 p.m. near Connecticut Avenue and Porter Street NW.

The two plainclothes officers, Robyn S. Lenrow and Raymond Healy Jr., had been assigned to the bus because of complaints from a bus driver about disorderly conduct by young people.

The officers said they observed one youth in the back of the bus with a handgun, while other youngsters reportedly were smoking marijuana. When the officers went to investigate, a fight ensued with members of the group, both male and female. Police were unable to estimate the number of young people involved.

During the fight, one youth took a $1,200 walkietalkie from Healy's rear trousers pocket. The bus driver, meanwhile, pulled the bus to the side of the road and summoned assistance.

Healy managed to get off the bus with one assailant in custody, but saw that Lenrow was having difficulty and returned to the bus.

By the time help arrived, the young people had scattered.

Lenrow was taken to the Washington Hospital Center, where she was treated for contusions to the head and released. Healy was not hurt.