A former Prince George's County officer who was dismissed from the force and eventually joined the Rhodesian army was arrested yesterday in Salisbury, Zimbabwe-Rhodesia, and served with a deportation order.

United Press International, quoting a Rhodesian police spokesman, said Capt. William R. Atkins was arrested at the Salisbury Magistrate Court where he appeared in a bid to retrieve money from a former financee.

Atkins has been in Zimbabwe-Rhodesia for more than two years.

The report quoted the police spokesman as saying Atkins, a native of Wisconsin, would be deported in the near future. Last week, Atkins was court-martialed on charges of pointing a weapon at an army corporal he claimed had been following him.

Atkins served with the Prince Georges County police force for two years before he was fired in February 1975. A police review board found that he had unlawfully arrested a person, failed to report property taken during the arrest and lied to a superior during a departmental investigation of the incident.

An administrative hearing board cleared the officer of earlier misconduct charges in the shooting death f a Seat Pleasant man. The shooting occurred in the man's bedroom after Atkins responded to an emergency call placed by the man's wife.