Prince William County police officers said they seized large amounts of amphetamines, controlled drugs and marijuana last week at the Vint Hill Road home of a man arrested earlier in Fairfax County on a charge of distributing cocaine.

George Herbert Wilson III, 36, of 11700 Vint Hill Road in Bristow, was arrested and charged with possession of three ounces of cocaine that police said were valued at $5,500.

Warren Carmichael, of the Fairfax County police, said Wilson was arrested about 8 p.m. last Thursday. After the arrest, according to Sgt. Ralph Bennett of the Prince William County narcotics unit, Prince William police entered Wilson's farmhouse.

"We entered the home, which was unoccupied . . . and seized large quantities of suspected cocaine, several thousand doses of amphetamines, at least 200 doses of LSD, $2,310 in currency and several pounds of marijuana," Bennett said.

A 20 year old Manassas Park woman, Mary Jeanne Scowcroft, of 126 Walden St., was arrested and charged with possession of a small quantity of cocaine when she walked up to the farmhouse at 11 p.m., said Bennett.

Also confiscated during the raid, Bennett said, were drug paraphenalia, several weighing scals and cutting implements "indicative of a large drug distributing business."

Prince William investigators were unable to place a monetary figure on the items taken in the raid until "the quality of the drugs can be established, but we're talking about several thousand dollars."