Retail prices in Northern Virginia for the Market Basket, a fixed quantity of food surveyed each month by the Virginia Department of Labor and Industry, rose by 1.4 percent in October over September. The Market Basket includes 40 of 71 items priced each month at selected stores in Northern Virginia.

Shoppers in Northern Virginia paid higher prices for 41 of the 71 items priced. Prices for 25 items were lower than last month; three items remained unchanged and two were not available.

Most meats were higher this month, with round steak up 17 cents a pound; frozen haddock, up 14.7 cents a pound; bacon, up 14.5 cents a pound; bologna sausage, up 8.3 cents per half-pound; pork chops, up 7.7 cents a pound; frankfurters, up 7.6 cents a pound, and hamburger, up 5.5 cents a pound. The price of rib roast was down 6 cents a pound.

In the fruit and vegetable category, lettuce jumped 19.3 cents per head; celery, up 16.8 cents per stalk, and green beans, up 12.4 cents a pound. Sweet potatoes declined 12 cents per pound, and oranges declined 6.6 cents per dozen.

Other items that increased included ice cream, up 7.5 cents pers half gallon; soda crackers, up 7.7 cents per one-pound box, and butter, up 6.9 cents a pound.

The increase of cola drinks of 41.8 cets per carton of 8 16-ounce bottles was due partly to the end of specials in the area.