A 21-year-old senior at the University of Maryland was bound, gagged and robbed at gunpoint by three men in his dormitory room -- the first armed robbery in a College Park dorm, according to university police.

Joseph Meads, a business major living in a single room, on the eighth floor of Easton Hall, said he was about to leave for a party at about 10:50 Thursday night when the men entered his room and one pulled out a gun.

Just as Meads was attempting to grab the gun, he said, a friend knocked on the door. "They wanted me to tell him to come in so they could rob him,' Mead recalled."But I said, 'Dave, I'm busy now.' He was waiting for me to go upstairs to the party."

When the friend left, Meads said, two of the men bound his hands with masking tape, taped a washcloth to his mouth, pushed him face down on the bed, tied his legs and covered him with a sheet.

"I could still breathe," Meade said. "They went through my pants. They said. 'If you have any more money weLl kill you.' I couldn't have lied to them if I wanted to."

The men were in the room "four to eight mintues," and took $57, Meads said. "I was more scared three hours afterwards when it set in."

Maryland campus police said students are required to show college identification to a receptionist at the main door of Easton Hall, but that on many nights the foyer is crowded and it is not difficult for persons without proper identification to slip past.

Meads said he had seen the three men cruising in a car outside the dorm earlier that night and "should've been more suspicious."

Campus police said the three suspected robbers, still at large, are also suspected of breaking into a car on campus last night.