Want to make it with one of the world's biggest publishers? If so, purge your writing and speech of "gender specific terminology."

Effective immediately, the Department of Health, Education and Welfare will no longer accept or issue policy statements, important memos or documents that contain sex-biased words. They include, but certainly are not limited to such words as:

He. She. Manpower. Lady. Chairman. Mother. Sir. Coed. Father. Batboy. Manmade. Womankind. His. Hers. Manning chart. Housewife. Policeman, and so on.

The list of no-nos is long because, flexible as it can be, the English language lacks a handy pronoun that stands for both he and she.

Despite the failings of English, HEW has officially "dissanctioned" the use of sex-biased or potentially sex-biased terms. To make sure that writers get it right, HEW has sent its bureaus and top officials "Guidelines for Avoiding Sex-Biased Language," published by the National Committee on Women of the American Society for Public Adminstration. Using its own guidelines, ASPA may have to abolish the National Committee on Women, which is rather gender-specific.

HEW's ban on sex-biased terms could result in a number of offices, programs and publications that now have gender-specific designations changing over to neutral titles that do not denote sex.

The HEW directive was put out by Thomas G. Morford, director of the Division of Organizational Analysis. One function of the division is to approve items published by HEW in the Federal Register and the names of organizations.

HEW is following in the footsteps of the Labor Department, which has put out a long; long list of sex-biased words and occupations it wants changed in favor of terms that are not gender-specific. They include terms such as milkman (instead, use something like "dairy-products deliverer"), and batboy which has been changed -- except in the American and National Leagues -- to be bat person.

The Labor Department has gone a long way toward making its own house gender-neutral. It eliminated a Manpower Office, did away with Workman's Compensation, and so on. It retains, however, the Women's Bureau.

A quick look at the Federal Executive Telephone Directory, a privately printed telephone book of VIP numbers, lists at least 32 government units that use the term "manpower" as part of their organizational structure. There are at least 15 federal organizations with "Women" alone in their titles.

The Commerce Department also has an office of Manned Undersea Science and Technology." It may be in line for some gender changes.

The changes in organizational titles result from a Justice Department task force that has been probing sex discrimination in government. It has worked closely with Labor and HEW to root out terminology that might indicate sex bias in mission or appeal.

An HEW person said he/she felt that the new guidelines on gender-specific terminology would probably trickle down to every corner of the giant department. Eventually, he/she said, HEW may revise all manuals, booklets and publications it puts out to substitute "people, persons or humanity" for terms like "mankind." He said such things as "manhours" are already being changed to "staff hours" in budget estimates, and that artwork produced and paid for by the department is being recast so that men and women are not portrayed as sex-stereotypes, such as the female typist and the male boss.

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