An elected D.C. Advisory Neighborhood Commission representative has pleaded guilty in D.C. Superior Court to forgery and embezzlement of city government funds.

Major Hampton, 46, of 1921 First St. NW, appeared before Judge Edmond T. Daly Tuesday and pleaded guilty to one of 45 counts of embezzlement and to one of eight counts of forgery committed in his role as treasurer and commissioner of ANC-5.

The remaining charges were dismissed. Daly scheduled sentencing for Dec. 12. Hampton could receive a maxium of 30 years in prison for the two felony convictions.

Assistant U.S. Attorney Whitney Adams told the court that she was prepared to present evidence that Hampton embezzled more than $30,000 from the commission primarily by forging the signature of Juanita Barfield, chairman of ANC-5, on checks drawn on the commission's bank account.

In one instance, Adams said Hampton got his sister-in-law, Althea Gillory, to cash a check for $600 that was written on the commission's account at United National Bank on Minnesota Avenue NE.

Discrepancies in the commission's banking transactions were discovered by the D.C. auditor after Hampton failed to submit a financial statement that the groups are required to file quarterly with the city government, according to an affidavit filed in D.C. Superior Court with an application for a warrant.

An investigation of the commission's bank statements from Oct. 31, 1977, through Sept. 1, 1978, showed that Hampton wrote at least 72 checks on the commission's account, the affidavit asserted. Fifty of those were made payable to Hampton, the investigation showed.