D.C. property owners are being asked to collect the leaves from their property and place them in plastic bags at their regular trash collection points for the second trash pickup each week.

Leaves swept into the street or gutter will be picked up much less frequently and could clog catch basins,enter the sewer system or cause slippery roads when it rains, city officials said.

Leaves will be collected the week of Oct. 29 through Nov. 2 from the following streets in wards where the foliage is heavy:

Ward 3: Whitehaven Parkway to Potomac Avenue to Wisconsin Avenue; Woodley Road to Porter Street and Wisconsin Avenue to Connecticut Avenue NW; Brandywine Street to Military Road and Connecticut Avenue NW to Rock Creek Park.

Ward 4: 16th Street to Colorado Avenue to Allison Street NW; Dahlia Street to Underwood Street and 16th Street to Eastern Avenue nw; Gallatin Street to Rock Creek Church Road and 4th Street to 7th Street NW.

Ward 5: Rhode Island Avenue to Taylor Street and the railroad tracks to South Dakota Avenue NE.

Ward 7: Massachusetts Avenue to East Capitol Street and Fairlawn Avenue to Southern Avenue SE.

Ward 8: Suitland Parkway to Wheeler Road and Anacostia Parkway to Southern Avenue SE.