Welcome to Monday. Coming up this week are a couple of items of financial and political interest to the nation's 2.6 million federal and postal workers. For instance:

Money: The Advisory Committee on Federal Pay will issue a report saying the eight-year-old law designed to keep federal pay equal to industry is a flop. The committee was set up to advise the president on annual federal pay raises. Its yearly recommendations have been ignored by every president.

The committee report will say that the government should get away from giving across-the-board raises to all grades and should pay more attention to local industry levels by area, job and skill level. Sounds like President Carter's federal pay "reform" plan.

Political Endorsements: The independent National Treasury Employees Union may be the first federal postal group to climb aboard what they hope is a winning band wagon this year.

Insiders say that the NTEU's promised "major political announcement" will endorse a presidential candidate. They would not say which one.

Waiting in the wings to make an endorsement is the International Association of Firefighters. Members are furious with Carter for reneging on a pledge they said he made to shorten their work week.Iaff President Howard W. McClennand is also a Boston man.