Below are candidates for Advisory Neighborhood Commissions. Vote for one in each district. Write-in votes are permitted and several persons have been certified as write-in candidates although they are not listed on the ballot. 1A 1A01 No candidate listed. 1A02 No candidate listed. 1A03 Marion C. Williams, 1488 Newton St. NW. 1A04 Elona Anita Evans-McNeill, 3055 16th St. NW. 1A05 No candidate listed. 1A06 Curnel L. Bridges, 3558 13th St. NW. Marietta Smith, 1351 Meridian Place NW. George Henry Washington, 1457 Monroe St. NW. 1A07 No candidate listed. 1A08 Jerry Sterling Cooper, 1241 Kenyon St. NW. 1A09 No candidate listed. 1A10 No candidate listed. 1A11 Monroe A. Bethea, 3538 Warder St. Nw. 1A12 Absalom Frederick Jordan Sr, 424 Irving St. NW. 1B 1B01 E. Kathleen Shahan, 1932 15th St. Nw. 1B02 No candidate listed. 1B03 Joseph Jorgens III, 133 Wallach Place NW 1B04 Edna Frazier-Cromwell, 2015 13th St. NW. Thurlow Evans Tibbs Jr. 1910 Vermont Ave. NW. 1B05 Anwar Shakir Saleem, 1810 Eighth St. NW. 1B06 No candidate listed. 1B07 Theresa F. Brown 317 U St. NW. 1B08 No candidate listed. 1B09 Lillian A. Tymus, 2379 11th St. NW. Apt. 21. 1B10 No candidate listed. 1B11 Dorothy Jean Love-Wade, 116 Columbia Rd. NW. 1B12 No candidate listed. 1B13 No candidate listed. 1B14 James Miller, 2505 13th St. NW, Apt. 508. 1B15 Guy Derrick Charity, 1439 Euclid St. NW, Apt. 303. 1B16 No candidate listed. 1C 1C01 Virginia M. Johnson, 1818 Vernon St. NW, Apt. 301. 1C02 Margaret M. Johnson, 2029 Connecticut Ave. NW. 1C03 Robert Evans Love, 1863 California St. NW. William Wheeler, 1884 Columbia Rd. NW. 1C04 Ann Hughes Hargrove, 1925 Biltmore St. NW. 1C05 Manuel b. Lopez, 1943 Calvert St. NW. 1C06 Mary Lee Stien, 2805 Ontario Rd. NW. Carmen Juana Rohland, 1650 Harvard St. NW., Apt. 329. 1C07 No candidate listed. 1C08 John Jones, 1620 Fuller St. NW. Henry H. Leland, 1736 Columbia Rd. NW. Henry H. Leland, 1736 Columbia Rd. NW. Stephen Robert Mckevitt, 1736 Columbia Rd. NW. Luis Eduardo Rumbaut, 2480 16th St. NW, Apt. 137. 1C09 Edward Glenn Jackson Sr, 2460 Ontario Rd. NW. 1C10 Roland Emerson Roebuck, 2400 16th St. NW, Apt. 527. Selma R. Rein, 1661 Crescent Place NW, Apt. 603. 1C11 Durstyne Williamson McClintick, 1916 16th St. NW. 1C12 Robert S. Schwartz, 1736 Swann St. Nw. B. Harold Vincent Smith III, 1731 S St. NW, Apt. 12. 1D 1D01 Andre F. Shashaty, 2153 California St. NW. Charles T. Vetter Jr. 2123 Leroy Place NW. 1D02 Elaine M. Dym, 2511 Massachusetts Ave. NW. 1E 1E01 No candidate listed. 1E02 No candidate listed. 1E03 No candidate listed. 1E04 Gladys Annette Mitchell, 1807 Kilbourne Place NW. Billy L. Johnson Sr., 1913 Kenyon St. NW. John A. Acher, 1822 Lamont St. NW. 1E05 David Jonathan Sitomer, 1614 Kilbourne Place NW. Jeanette Ann Michael, 1725 Harvard St. NW. 2A 2A01 Nancy Jean Kiefer, 1010 25th St. NW, Apt. 505. Jonathan H. Nowick, 1001 26th St. NW, Apt. 403. 2A02 Louis T. Rigdon II, 1255 New Hampshire Ave. NW. Apt. 829. 2A03 Maria O. Tyler, 949 25th St. NW. 2A04 Howard W. Feldman, 922 24th St. NW, Apt. 717. 2A05 Stephen A. Levy, 615 22nd St. NW. 2A06 James J. Molinelli, 2150 F St. NW. 2A07 No candidate listed. 2B 2B01 No candidate listed. 2B02 William Gilbert Middleton Jr. 1749 18th St. NW. 2B03 James Howard Oliver, 1735 17th St. NW. 2B04 No candidate listed. 2B05 Susan W.B. Meehan, 1740 Corcoran St. NW. 2B06 Ralph B. Bristol Jr., 1520 Corcoran St. NW. 2B07 Ken I. Rothschild, 2148 O St. NW, Apt. 301. 2B08 No candidate listed. 2B09 Sophia Menatos, 1425 17th St. NW, Apt. 506. Alan Neal Forschler, 1718 P St. NW, Apt. 503. 2C 2C01 Charles F. Mason, 1415 Rhode Island Ave. NW, Apt. 511. 2C02 No candidate listed. 2C03 No candidate listed. 2C04 George L. Trotter, 1221 Massachusetts Ave. NW. Louis R. Perkins, 1234 Massachusetts Ave. NW. $2C05 Mildred L. Edwards, 1220 12th St. NW, Apt. 402. 2C06 No candidate listed. 2C07 B. James Carter, 913 R St. NW. 2C08 No candidate listed. 2C09 Naomi B. Carter, 1630 Sixth St. NW. 2C10 No candidate listed. 2C11 No candidate listed. 2C12 No candidate listed. 2C13 No candidate listed. 2C15 Audrey C. Thomas, 1200 N. Capitol St. NW, Apt. 717. 2C16 Helena R. Henderson, 408 M St Ne. 2C17 Linda E. Wills, 714 W. Virginia, Ave. NE. 2C18 No candidate listed. 2C19 Charles Richardson Jr., 703 H St. NE. Apt. 2. 2D 2D01 Willie Lloyd Reeves Jr. 1100 Sixth St. Sw, aPt. 213, 2D02 Charles William Hargrave, 600 Third St. SW. 2D03 No candidate listed. 2D04 No candidate listed. 2D05 Ethel James Williams, 1301 Delaware Ave. SW, Apt. N720. 2D06 Clarence Green, 1200 Delaware Ave. SW, Apt. 222. 2D07 No candidate listed. 2D08 Wilbert Ware Brim, 325 Virginia Ave. SE. 2D09 No candidate listed. 3A 3A01 No candidate listed. 3A02 Harry A. Sellery, 1662 34th St. NW. 3A04 Judith Bonderman, 3252 S St. Nw. 3A05 No candidate listed. 3A06 Raymond Joseph Kukulski 1019 30th St. Nw. 3B 3B01 No candidate listed. 3B02 Michael Saul Marcus, 3811 Benton St. NW. 3B03 Mark William Looney, 2237 40th Place NW, Apt.3. $3B04 No candidate listed. 3B05 No candidate listed. 3B06 Louis S. Aronica, 4458 Q. St. NW. 3C 3C01 Christopher Klose, 2750 Woodley Place NW. 3C02 Ruth B. Haugen, 2800 Woodley Rd. NW. 3C03 Thomas Robert Asher, 2639 Garfield St. NW. 3C04 Joe J. Goldblatt, 2701 Cortland Place Nw, Apt. 6. 3C05 Philip H. Mendelson, 3840 39th St. NW, Apt, D106. 3C06 Kaj A. Strand, 3C07 Gary J. Kopff, 2939 Newark St. NW. 3C08 No candiate listed. 3C09 No candidate listed. 3C10 Joseph F. Rugo, 3714 Garfield St. NW. 3D 3D01 Muriel C. Pearl, 4201 Cathedral Ave. NW. 3D02 No candidate listed. 3D03 Lois Lindley DeVecchio, 4841 Rodman St. NW. 3D04 No candidate listed. 3D05 Joel Henry Garner, 5201 Sherrier Place NW. 3D06 Nancy Lee Feldman, 4911 W St. NW. 3D07 Barbara Gale Fant, 3210 45th St. NW. 3E 3E01 Jack H. Mower, 4436 48th St. NW. 3E02 George W. Porter, 4514 Ellicott St. NW. Arden S. Ruttenberg, 4735 Butterworth Place NW. 3E03 Lorraine Middleton, 4617 43rd St. NW. 3E04 Virginia Sager Spevak, 4110 Military Rd. NW. 3E05 No candidate listed. 3F 3F01 Mary M. Fitzgerald, 2700 Porter St. NW, Apt. 4. 3F02 Stephan P. Belcher Jr., 2935 Tilden St. NW. 3F03 Marilyn L. Myerson, 3001 Veazey Ter. NW, Apt. 1201. 3F04 Frank A. Higgins, 4545 Connecticut Ave. NW. 3F05 Gloria R. Corn, 4707 Connecticut Ave. NW, Apt. 601. Cielle F. Block, 4807 30th St. NW. 3F06 Barbara B. Luchs, 3633 Appleton St. NW. 3F07 Ronald C. Shiflett Jr., 4425 35th St. NW. William M. Bartlett, 3575 Appleton St. NW. 3F08 No candiate listed. 3G 3G01 Eliza E. Callas, 7080 Oregon Ave. NW. Heleny W. Cook, 3244 Chestnut St. NW. 3G02 Allen E. Beach, 3032 Stephenson Place NW. 3G03 Gail R. Carlson, 2936 McKinley St. NW. 3G04 Janet Gisleson, 6011 33rd St. NW. 3G05 No candidate listed. 3G06 Donald K. Danker, 3604 Livingston St. NW. 3G07 Clinton B. D. Brown, 3801 Kanawha St. NW. 3G08 Karl F. Mautner, 3717 Huntington St. NW. 4A 4A01 No candiate listed. 4A02 Margot C. Wahl, 1344 Fort Stevens Dr. NW, Apt 202. 4A03 Weldon D. Walker, 6416 Luzon Ave. NW. 4A04 Hans Ira Larsen, 1317 Tuckerman St. NW. 4A05 James Walker, 1412 Whittier Place NW. 4A06 Mary M. Manor, 7316 Alaska Ave. NW. 4A07 Lois W. Branche, 1301 Kalmia Rd. NW. 4A08 No candidate listed. 4A09 No candidate listed. 4B 4B01 Stephen H. Whitney, 7209 Seventh St. NW. 4B02 Gloria H. Johnson, 6826 Fifth St. NW. 4B03 Wallace H. Buchanan, 6627 Piney Branch Rd. NW. Sheila W. Hopkins, 504 Aspen St. NW. 4B04 Wesley W. Garrett, 820 Tuckerman St. NW. 4B05 No candidate listed. 4B06 No candidate listed. 4B07 No candiate listed. 4B08 No candiate listed. 4B09 Jean Harris Bennett, 5716 Third St. NW. 4B10 Johnie D. Wilson, 201 Rittenhouse St. NE. 4B11 No candidate listed. 4B12 No candidate listed. 4C01 O. Marion Jones, 5740 13th St. NW. 4C02 Geneva R. Jones, 1222 Hamilton St. NW. 4C03 LaVerne H. King, 4600 13th St. NW. Leonard Madden, 1408 Crittenden St. NW. 4C04 Phyllis E. Young, 4503 Iowa Ave. NW. 4C05 Lorraine L. Martin, 4115 Fourth St. NW. 4C06 No candidate listed. 4C07 Velma V. Dzidzienyo, 914 Quincy St. NW. 4C08 No candidatae listed. 4C09 C. Michael M. Burton Jr., 4011 14th St. NW. 4C10 John C. Eason Jr., 1757 Shepherd St. NW. 4D 4D01 No Candidate listed. 4D02 No candidate listed. 4D03 Roosevelt Fuller, 40 Longfellow St. NW. 4D04 Lorenzo Allen, 5304 Eighth St. NW. 4D05 Juanita Grovess, 5118 Third St. NW. 4D06 No candidate listed 4D07 Leonard S. Jones, 5004 Third St. NW. 4D08 No candidate listed. 4D09 Virginia E. Thomas, 839 Deactur St. NW. 4D10 No candidate listed. 4D11 No candidate listed. 4D12 Joan M. Thomas, 715 Varnum St. NW. 4D13 No candidate listed. 4D15 No Candidate listed. 5A 5A01 Floyd A. McCaskill, 435 Jefferson St. NE. Lucien H. Minor, 916 Hamilton St. NE. 5A02 No candidate listed. 5A03 Joseph L. Bowser, 4809 Seventh St. NE. 5A04 Raymond L. Dickey, 1256 Emerson St. NE. 5A05 Aclifton A. Roberson, 5A06 Harry L. Thomas, 4003 21st St. NE. Vernon L. Baker, 4129 18th St. NE. 5A07 Leola F. Davis, 3742 12th St. NE. Douglas A. Diass, 4104 10th St. NE. Charles E. Brown Jr., 907 Taylor St. NE. John J. Cullinane Jr., 4114 10th NE. 5A08 Talmadge Lee Moore, 1512 Newton St. NE. 5A09 Robert I, Artisst, 3519 15th St. NE. 5A10 Andrew P. Corley Jr., James Arthur Overby, 2212 Kearney St. NE. 5A12 Angelyn D. Spaulding, 1905 Randolph St. NE. 5A13 Edward L. Feggans, 2504 South Dakotoa Ave. NE. 5A14 Mozelle E. Watkins, 3225 Walnut St. NE. Elynore R. Wilson, 2645 Myrtle Ave. NE. 5B 5B01 Horace M. Roberts Sr., 1456 Channing St. NE. 5B02 Elliott C. Peacock, 1910 Hamlin St. NE. 5B03 Mary Ann Bennekin, 2216 6th St. NE. 5B04 Rubell Bing, 1228 Brentwood Rd. NE. 5B05 No candidate listed. 5B06 No candidate listed. 5B07 No candidate listed. 5B08 No candidate listed. 5B09 No candidate listed. 5B10 Lewis E. Lindsey, 1458 Morse St. NE. 5B11 James S. Chappelle, 1341 Queen St. NE. 5B12 No candidate listed. 5B13 Kittie E. Stokes, 1782 Long Place NE. 5B14 No candidate listed. 5B15 Richard V. Stanford, 1944 Bennett Place NE. 5B16 No candidate listed. 5C 5C01 Leroy Harris, 29 Hanover Place NW. Alethea J. Morris, 19 N St. NW. 5C02 Juanita C. Barfield, 75 New York Ave. NW. 5C03 Victor Bruce Blakburn, 50 Florida Ave. NW. 5C04 Annie L. Britt, 20 Q St. NE., Apt. 5. 5C05 No candidate listed. 5C06 Daniel L. Robinson, 1921 Lincoln Rd. NE. 5C07 No candidate listed. 5C08 Edra R. Derricks, 36 U St. NW. 5C09 Evelyn P. Wright, 42 V St. NW. Rebecca Weaver, 42 U St. NW. 5C10 James Edward Williams Jr., 2715 N. Capitol St. NW. 5C11 Frank Edward Braxton, 2314 Second St. NE. 5C12 Shirley Ann Washington, 601 Edgewood St. NE., Apt. 101. Virginia L. Matthews, 506 Edgewood St. NE. Bertha Miller Miles, 414 Douglas St. NE. 5C13 Robert Emerson Mason, 2827 Fourth St. NE. Larry C. Webster, 3301 Seventh St. NE. $5C14 Leila F. Peterbark, 2701 Fourth St. NE, Apt. 102. 5C15 Vivian C. Ashton, 2706 12th St. NE. 5C16 Estella Edds Sims, 50 Adams St. NW. 6A 6A01 No candidate listed. 6A02 No candidate listed. 6A03 Anthony L. Wildt, 1532 E. Capitol St. NE. Gloria Jean Johnson, 37 16th St. NE. 6A04 No candidate listed. 6A05 No candidate listed 6A06 No candidate listed. $6A07 Thelma J. Reynolds, 619 14th St. NE. 6A08 Rosetta Wilson Bryd, 1234 G St. NE. William A. Gordon Jr., 1200 Linden Place NE. 6A09 No candidate listed. 6A10 George E. Gurley, 239 A 12th Place NE, Apt. 1. 6A11 No candidate listed. 6A12 Caesar L. Marshall, 1103 D. St. NE. 6A13 No candidate listed. 6A14 No candidate listed. 6A15 Adam E. Maier, 305 Eighth St. NE. 6A16 No candidate listed. 6A17 No candidate listed. 6A18 No candidate listed. 6B 6B01 Robert E. Donaldson, 310 A St. NE. 6B02 Donald R. Dinan, 139 D. St. SE. John F. Pontius, 130 North Carolina Ave. SE. 6B03 Roland W. Dority, 105 Sixth St. SE, Apt. 108. Bradley W. Smith, 812 North Carolina Ave. NE. 6B04 Elizabeth C. Agle, 313 E St. SE. Johana E. McCarthy, 329 1/2 Sixth St. SE. 6B05 David J. Schlein, 529 G St. SE. Apt. 14 6B06 Peter A. Eveleth, 920 North Carolina Ave. SE. 6B07 No candidate listed. 6B08 Julia Nolan Curran, 525 11th St. SE. Diasey Jones, 919 E. St. SE. 6B09 No candidatae listed. 6B10 Janes A. Campbell, 1409 E. Capitol St. SE. 6B11 allean C. Brown, 1409 South Carolina Ave. SE. 6B12 Juanita W. Thomas, 1528 E St. SE. 6B13 Martha Ellen Queen, 1224 I St. SE, Apt. 12. 6B14 No candidate listed. 6B15 Ernest Ford Jr., 1801 Massacheusetts Ave. SE. Patricia Ann Montgommery, 264 15th St. SE. 6B16 William V. McFarland, 1834 Potomac Ave. SE. 6C 6C01 No candidate listed. 6C02 Lillie Mae Stringfellow, 3228 Minnesota Ave. SE. Joseph E. Johnson, 723 Croissant Place SE. 6C03 No candidate listed. 6C04 No candidate listed. 6C05 Johnnie N. Ferguson, 1919 Ridge Place SE. Carole C. Lewis, 1636 22nd St. SE. Fannie L. Lomax, 2211 K St. SE. 6C06 Timothy J. Ferrall Sr., 1420 S St. SE. 6C07 William C. Shelton, 1930 Martin Luther King Ave. SE. Louis Zapta, 1340 Valley Place SE. 6C08 Ernest Darling, 1828 18th St. SE. 6C09 Ronald Moyer, 2300 Good Hope Rd. SE. Apt. 614. 6C10 No candidate listed. 6C11 No candidate listed. 6C12 Evelyn H. Wagstaff, 2228 Hunter Place SE. 6C13 No candidate listed. 7A 7A01 No candidate listed. 7A02 Regina T. Rutledge, 4323 Anacostia Ave. NE. Huedine G. Davis, 1137 42nd St. NE. 7A03 Barbara Ann Brown, 3770 Hayes St. NE, Apt. 8. Gerlean F. Green, 3519 Jay St. NE. 6A04 No candidate listed. 6A05 No candidate listed. 6A06 No candidate listed. 7B 7B01 Barbar O. Hogan, 3224 Nash Place SE. 7B02 Maryland D. Kemp, 3340 Highwood Dr. SE. 7B03 William D. Blount, 4115 Massachusetts Ave. SE. 7B04 Wilmur A. Davis, 1646 Fort Dupont St. SE. 7B05 No candidate listed. 7B06 James H. Hannaham, 3727 Camden St. SE. 7B07 William J. Hickey, 2808 Terrace Rd. SE. 7B08 Joel E. McLeod Sr., 2855 Hillcrest Dr. SE. 7B09 No candidate listed. 7C 7C01 Rita L. Ferrall, 5029 Meade St. NE. 7C02 Carolyn Wright Ricanek, 1220 47th Place NE. 7C03 Alice Mary Chandler, 5106 Hayes St. NE. 7C04 No candidate listed. 7C05 Herbert Johhny Amons Sr., 5308 James Place NE. Willis Paul Greene, 5527 Jay St. NE. 7C06 John T. Adams, 410 59th St. NE. 7C07 No candidate listed. 7C08 No candidate listed. 7C09 Mary L. Gaffney, 328 62nd St. NE. 7D 7D01 Jean AnnMcNeil, 4231 Blaine St. NE, Apt. 10. Robert Lewis White, 2456 E. Capitol St. NE, Apt. 204 7D02 David Odell Leacraft, 113 35th St. NE., Apt. 4 7D03 James A. Parks, 4117 Minnesota Ave. NE. 7D04 James F. Onley Sr., 204 46th St. NE. 7D05 No candidate listed. 7D06 No cadidate listed. 7D07 Charles R. Norris, 4931 Fitch Place NE. 7E 7E01 No candidate listed. 7E02 No candiate listed. 7E03 John C. Lormans, 24 55th St. SE. 7E04 No candiate listed. 7E05 No candidate listed 7E06 Minnie C. Robinson, 5221 E. Capitol St. SE. 7E07 Frank M. Perry, 4825 Ball Place SE. 7E08 No candidate listed. 7E09 No candiate listed. 7E10 Calvin E. Lilndo, 4615 Hillside Rd. SE. 7E11 No candidate listed. 7F 7F01 Constance M. Thompson, 4560 Texas Ave. SE. Robert L. Matthews, 4427 C St. SE. Earl E. Ashton, 4467 C St. SE. 7F02 No candidate listed. 7F03 Walter C. Lewis, 320 Anacostia Rd. SE, Apt. B-33, 7F04 No candidate listed. 7F05 Doris Y. Smalley, 4385 F St. SE. 7F06 Bernice M. Thomas, 221 37th Place SE. 8A 8A01 William C. Larkins, 1223 Sumner Rd. SE. Jean B. Stryjewski, 1124 Eaton Rd. SE. 8A02 Arthur L. Lloyd, 2615 Bowen Rd. SE, Apt. 204, 8A03 Michael A. Wheeler, 2622 Martin Luther King Ave. SE. 8A04 Frankllin J. Randall Jr., 2662 Douglas Rd. SE, Apt. 303. Yvonne L. Waters, 2642 Sheridan Rd. SE. 8A05 Almore M. Dale, 1395 Morris Rd. SE. 8A06 Barbara J. Valentine, 2436 Elvans Rd. SE, Apt. 303. 8A07 No candiate listed. 8A08 Linda H. Moody, 538 Oakwood St. SE. 8A09 Charles E. Logan, 800 Alabama Ave. SE. 8A10 No candidate listed. 8B 8B01 No candiate listed. 8B02 Harold C. Thomas, 1738 Stanton Ter. SE. James J. Thomas, 3042 Stanton Rd. SE. 8B03 Rhirley E. Woolridge, 2852 23rd Place SE, Apt. 303.. 8B04 Mary F. Ross, 2633 Jasper St. SE, Apt. 6. 8B05 Viola M. Bowen, 2468 Alamba Ave. SE, Apt. 27. 8B06 No candiate listed. 8B07 Eli Rice, 1912 Savannah St. SE, Apt. 202. 8B08 Marie W. Patterson, 1934 Savannah Place SE. 8B09 No candiate listed. 8C 8C01 W. Wilbert Browne, 716 Congress St. SE. Cortez Fletcher Sr., 774 Congress St. SE. 8C02 William W. Harris, 733 Upsal St. SE. C. Kenneth Johnson, 718 Mississippi Ave. SE. 8C03 Julia R. Andrews, 1111 Congress St. SE. 8C04 No candiate listed. 8C05 No candiate listed. 8C06 Kellis P. Sylvester, 3700 Ninth St. SE, Apt. 707.. 8C07 No candidate listed. 8C08 No candiate listed. 8C09 No candidate listed. 8D 8D01 No candidate listed. 8D02 David A. Lyon, 20 Chesapeake St. SE. 8D03 No candidate listed. 8D04 No candidate listed. 8D05 James E. Waddy Jr., 8D06 No candidate listed. 8D07 No candiate listed. 8D08 No candidate listed. 8D09 O.V. Johnson, 632 Elmira St. SE. 8D10 Maxine D. Sutton, 800 Southern Ave. SE, Apt. 320. 8D11 Vivian A. Sellers, 825 Bellevue St. SE, Apt. 203.