Shao Ti Hsu, the controversial local landlord who is under investigation for allegedly attempting to bribe a housing official, says he has hired his own investigators to compile information of a Maryland state senator and others he believes are against him.

"Anyone who tried to do something against me . . . in my mind, I have an accounting," Hsu told a group of students at the University of Maryland Tuesday night. "I register: 'He did something to get me.' Then I will do something later on to get him."

Hsu, a tenured engineering professor at the College Park campus, told members of the student government association that he has hired an investigator to probe the background and family of Sen. Edward T. Conroy (D-Prince George's), who is seeking to remove Hsu from his teaching job.

In addition, Su said he said investigating a student government representative and a former editor of the campus newspaper. Hsu claimed he possessed a thick Dossier on the former editor.

"My man is investigating every day," Hsu told the students during the 90-minute session. A tape-recording of his remarks was made available yesterday to The Washington Post.

According to sources, the FBI is investigating reports that Hsu and Vance Hartke, a former U.S. senator from Indiana, offered a Prince George's County housing official shares in several deteriorating housing projects they were planning to buy. In return, the official was to make sure the sales were approved by the county government.

The housing official, Charles C. Deegan, cooperated with federal investigators by secretly taping meetings he had with Hsu and Hartke at which the offers reportedly were made, according to sources.

Hsu said the allegations against him were "lies," contending that his problems stemmed from the "anger or jealously" of those who had watched while "in three or four years I make five million dollars."

The 61-year-old professor vowed he would remain on the job. "I am like the Rock of Gibraltar," he told the students.

"Do you know what that is? It's a big rock. If you have a big boat hit it, you damage the boat. If an airplane hit it, you die yourself. I'll stay here like the Rock of Gibraltar."

Hsu also told the students that he had raised the rent of his tenants $100 per month after the tenant showed several students her apartment in Hsu's Emerson Gardens project. He said that if the tenant did not move out, he would raise her current rent of $300 by another $100 next month.

Jordan Fox, the president of the student government association, said yesterday that he and two other students had met with Hsu once before, and that Hsu told them he carried firearms in his car trunk that "could kill anyone."

Fox said that Hsu also made several antiblack pronouncements at the earlier meeting. Fox said he had taken notes at the meeting and had sent a memo on Hsu's comments to university officials and Maryland Attorney General Stephen H. Sachs.

At the larger gathering Tuesday night, Hsu denied that he had made antiblack statements. But he displayed a cannister of Mace which he said he used to ward off potential attackers.

"We don't go out and shoot somebody," Hsu said. "We do legal means, [the] investigator gets all type of information. He'll go out everywhere to find out information."

"It doesn't make a difference to me," said Conroy yesterday of Hsu's investigation. "I hope he's given his investigator a big expense account, because I've been traveling a lot."

Hsu did not return a reporter's phone calls yesterday.