A special grand jury will be impaneled to investigate a Fauquier County shootout two weeks ago that left one man dead and a state game warden seriously wounded.

Sheriff's and prosecutor's officials say it may take several weeks to convene the jury to probe the death of Randolph Dudley Wyne, 30, of Marshall, who was killed in an exchange of gunfire with game wardens Dwight Campbell and Gary Dalton.

Eyewitnesses have given conflicting reports of the shootout and it has not been determined who fired, the first shot. Campbell and Dalton have told authorities they fired at Wyne only after he threatened to kill them and opened fire with a 12-gauge shotgun.

Tina Carter, a close-friend of Wyne who witnessed the incident, has contended the wardens opened fire first.

Campbell was struck by two shotgun blasts that shattered both his legs. He underwent five hours of surgery at Fauquier Hospital in Warrenton where he is listed in satisfactory condition. Dalton was not injured.

Wyne, who officials said was hit by four .38-caliber slugs, was a Vietnam veteran and construction worker. He was convicted in 1972 of wounding two men in Warrenton with a shotgun but received a suspended four-year prison term.

The wardens charged that Wyne was hunting deer illegally at the time of the incident, a charge Wyne's friend Carter has also denied.

A special grand jury is an investigative body that cannot itself issue indictments, but it can recommend to the county prosecutor whether criminal charges should be filed.