Seven persons, including the owner of a southwest Washington restaurant, were robbed Wednesday night by two armed men, D.C. police reported.

The robbers took jewelry and between $3,000 and $4,000 in cash before fleeing in a 1976 silver Mercedes that belonged to one of the robbery victims. fNo one was injured.

"They just came in and made us lie on the floor," said one of the female victims. "I was horrible."

According to police and the victims, the incident began at 2:45 when Brenda Wilder, 26, and Petro Szwec, two employes at the W. H. Bone Co., a restaurant at 401 M Street SW, were leaving the restaurant.

Wilder was sitting in her car in the parking lot outside the restaurant, where she was waiting to give Szwec a ride home.

As Szwec left the restaurant, he was approached by a man. At the same time, a second armed man approached Wilder and ordered her to turn off the car motor and get out.

The two robbers told Szwec to let them into the closed restaurant, but Szwec explained that there was no money in the restaurant and if the door was opened, it would trigger an alarm.

The restaurant employes then were ordered to get into Wilder's car and directed to drive to 618 H Street SW where the restaurant's office is located.

Once at the office the robbers knocked on a door, which was opened by Bobby T. Boyd, owner of the restaurant.

The bandits forced the two restaurant employes and the five persons in the office to lie on the floor, where they were searched. The bandits took watches, rings, bracelets and cash. They took the keys to the Mercedes that belongs to Darryl Hill, a former owner of the restaurant, who was in the office.

The Mercedes was recovered about 6:30 a.m. yesterday by Prince George's County police on the beltway at the exit to Interstate 295.

There have been no arrests, police said.