George Washington University security guards closed the television room in the student union early last night after a disagreement and fist fight involving about 30 Iranian and six American students over a choice of television programs to watch.

According to a witness, the American students were watching a football game about 7 p.m. in the Marvin Center television lounge. Several Iranians entered the room and changed the channel to a news broadcast.

"At that point," said the witness, who did not want to be identified, "one of the American students made some remark about Khomeini, and the Iranians started yelling things back about down with imperialism and Zioism because a number of the Americans were Jewish."

As the shouting match became more heated, several fist fights and shoving matches developed, said the witness, and "about 20 Iranians came flowing in from the vending machines across the hall."

Campus police said about three security guards were sent to the center, but that most of the students had left before the guards arrived.

"It wasn't such a big deal, really," said a campus security spokesman.

"we just locked the room and left it at that."

There were no arrests, and no one was reported injured, the spokesman said.