Signs held aloft by youngsters, all off-duty school crossing guards, read "My Friends and I Sure Hope You Know/15 MPH is the Speed to Go" to motorists passing in front of John Eaton Elementary School.

The children's signs were part of a Cleveland Park neighborhood's successful attempt Tuesday morning to call attention to speedsters and slow them down.

Adults, members of the Reno Road Coalition, paired up in Reno Road's two south-bound lanes during morning rush hour and drove at the legal speed limit, 25 miles per hour. Honking from drivers behind them indicated the pace was too slow.

The demonstration and motorcade were part of the coalition's ongoing effort to reduce traffic and speed limit violations in the 34th Street-Reno Road-41st Street corridor, a predominantly residential area.

The group contends that although area speed limits are 15 to 25 miles per hour, most traffic travels at about 40 to 50 miles per hour.

Apart from the pollution, noise and congestion the traffic causes, coalition members are concerned about the 771 students who attend the community's 11 private and public schools.

No one is more concerned than George Rothwell. He stood on the corner of McCombs and 34th streets where his daughter, Kiyo Doniger, was struck by a car nearly two years ago, sustaining minor injuries.

Rothwell's sign dramatized his concern: "One of You Hit My Child."