An Alexandria magistrate has been disciplined by a city judge for repeated failure to show up for work on time and for suggesting to a woman who wanted to secure an arrest warrant that she should first go to dinner with him, three city officials have said.

The action against Calvin L. Watkins was said to be the first disciplinary step ever taken against one of the city's four magistrates.

Chief Circuit Court Judge Wiley R. Wright has directed Watkins to work an extra 14 days during the next six months, filling in for the other city magistrates who became ill or take vacation leave, the city officials said.

Magistrates are court officials in Virginia who are empowered to issue arrest warrants and set bonds for criminal suspects.

Watkins, 29, declined yesterday to discuss the case. "I don't know who is giving you all this unreliable information, but I would admonish you to contact them," he said, hanging up his telephone.

According to city officials and papers filed in the case, Watkins was approached about five weeks ago by a woman who wanted police to arrest her former boyfriend, who she said had physically harmed her.

Watkins suggested that the best way for the woman to ensure that her ex-boyfriend was arrested was for her to go out to dinner with him, a police investigator said.

When the woman failed to call him, Watkins telephoned the woman "two or three times," the investigator said.

The woman later filed a complaint with the police.

Watkins who earns about $15,000 annually, was disciplined two weeks ago, sources said.

Police have also complained of difficulty locating Watkins, who is supposed to work at police headquarters.

On two occasions, Watkins was found at a local bowling alley, playing with a community team when he was scheduled to be working, according to city documents. On another occasion he was located at his home instead of his office.

Watkins was appointed by former chief Alexandria Circuit Court judge Franklin P. Backus on Nov. 9, 1976. His term of office expires on Dec. 31 this year.