An Eastern Shore prosecutor said yesterday no charges will be filed against the male Salisbury State College students who engaged in sex with a 19-year-old nursing student on the college campus in September.

Wicomico County, Md., State's Attorney Richard D. Warren said the woman suffered from some mental problems but was "apparently a very willing participant" in the sexual activity.

"Was she a victim?" Warren asked. "Perhaps. But not of criminal behavior. Of what? Life, I suppose. It's a very sad story. From her school records it looks like she had a promising future. I don't know where that promising future is right now."

Some published reports of the incident said the woman was mentally retarded and was raped by more than 100 men, who stood in line while others directed traffic outside as they waited.

Warren said such reports were "substantially inaccurate." He said the woman did have sexual encounters with about 30 men from Sept. 20 to Sept. 22 and was hospitalized for emotional troubles both before and after the incident. She withdrew from the college Oct. 11 and is now hospitalized, he said.

Warren said the woman "talked quite freely" about the sexual encounters. "She didn't fell concerned about it and she did not fell there should be a criminal prosectution."