A wide range of Washington area residents offered assistance yesterday to the family of a school custodian who died Tuesday after being struck by a car while helping a woman he found lying in the street.

In dozens of calls to the Washington Post suburbanites and city dwellers, blacks and whites, young and old said they wanted to help the wife and six children of Raymond Williams.

"I think that (Raymond Williams) shows what humanity is all about," one caller said.

"It's a marvelous thing that he did," another caller said "It's not many times that people go out of their way to help other people."

Last Saturday about 3 a.m., Williams stopped his car in the middle of New York Avenue NW to help a woman who was thrown from a car. He helped her into his car and was walking back to the driver's side when another car hit him, crushing his right leg against the bumper.

His right leg was amputated at the Washington Hospital Center Saturday morning. Tuesday night, surgeons were closing the wound left by the amputation when Williams died.

He is survived by his wife, Cynthia, and six children, who live in the family home at 7105 E. Inwood St., Kentlands in Prince George's County.

Edward Green, principal of Jackson Road Elementary School in Silver Spring where Williams worked, said the school had set up a Raymond Williams Fund. Contributions may be sent to Raymond Williams Fund c/o Jackson Road Elementary School, 900 Jackson Rd., Silver Spring, Md. 20404. CAPTION: Picture, RAYMOND WILLIAMS . . . good deed cost him his life