A federal grand jury today indicted five of the eight Iranian students arrested 11 days ago at Baltimore-Washington International Airport and accused of trying to smuggle three high-powered rifles and ammunition onto a plane.

Another Iranian, who was not at the airport when the eight were arrested, also was indicted on a firearms charge today. He was accused of buying a rifle that the group allegedly was planning to smuggle from Baltimore to New York and then to Iran.

The U.S. attorney's office here did not seek indictments against three of the students released on unsecured bond almost immediately after the arrests. Charges against them, Abolghsaem Karaee, 28, Mohammad S. Tofighi, 25, and his wife, Shahla Amenli, 25, were dismissed today.

Harold Buchman, an attorney representing the students said the three were at the airport simply to say goodbye to a friend who was returning to Iran.

The other five students, who have been unable to post bonds ranging from $35,000 to $250,000, were indicted on charges of conspiracy to violate federal firearms laws, dealing in firearms without a license and interstate transportation of firearms without notice to the common carrier.

They are: Bagher Moomeney, 28, who allegedly was traveling to Iran with the guns and ammunition in his suitcases; Seyed Abrahim Mosavi, 26, who was accused of arranging to purchase the guns; and Sirous Salahvarzi, 29; Mohammod Reza Bahadoritoolabi, 24, and Friedoon Rostami, 28.

In addition, Alireza Yeganeh, 26, who was identified as an Iranian seaman currently in federal custody on immigration charges in the Virgin Islands, was charged with conspiracy and dealing in firearms without a license.