An off-duty D.C. policeman and his 61-year-old mother answered the screams for help of a 72-year-old woman being attacked in her home Monday night and together subdued and captured her assailant.

Police officials said Officer Jesse Millhouse, who is assigned to the 7th District, was visting his mother at her home in Anacostia when the incident occurred.

"We were watching TV, when we first heard the noises" from the house nest door, Mrs. Millhouse told a reporter yesterday.

"Then we heard voices, and then my son heard her screaming for help," Mrs. Millhouse said. "That's when he ran out . . . and I ran out right behind him."

Millhouse went to the front of neighboring home and through a peep-hole in the door saw a man attacking the elderly woman inside, police officials said.

Millhouse shouted through the door that he was a police officer, officials said, and the man freed the woman and fled to the rear of the house and out of Millhouse's view.

The officer ran to the back of the home, Mrs. Millhouse said, just as a man was coming out a basement window. "I heard my son yelling," she said. "I grabbed an ashtray and ran to help. I didn't know what I could do to help, but I had to do whatver I could. I thought he was really going to hurt my son."

Mrs. Millhouse said she grabbed the suspect's arm and "we were just fighting all around in the yard. "We were both on top of him trying to hold him down and he was struggling to get up. When he was down on the ground, he bit me on the arm."

Another neighbor who heard the disturbance alerted police, and uniformed officers arrived minutes later and took the man into custody.

Police officials said later that a suspect identified as Stacy G. Brown 18, of 4244 Fourth St. SE had been charged with assault with intent to commit rape in the incident.

Mrs. Milhouse, her son, the assailant, and the 72-year-old assault victim were all treated at D.C. General Hospital for cuts, bruises, scratches and bites, officials said.

"It was all so quick, all I remember is that we were on top of him," said Mrs. Millhouse. "I don't remember exactly what happened. I'm glad I was able to help, but now I feel real nervous."