A second-dog owned by presidental candidate Rep. Phillip M. Crane (R-Ill.) was sent to the Fairfax County dog pound last week after allegedly biting a 15-year-old boy near the Crane home in McLean.

Crane's wife, Arlene was arrested Oct. 28 after addegedly refusing to place another dog in the pound for mandatory rabies observation after it bit a 6-year-old boy. In the latest incident, she apparently surrendered the animal involved -- a 5-month-old puppy -- without objection, Fairfax County spokesman Edmund L. Castillo said yesterday.

The puppy "playfully" nipped Jeff M. Preuss, 15, on the right hand just Wednesday as the boy was raking leaves in the front yard of his home at 8001 Falstaff Rd., McLean, Castillo said. The wound was described as not serious.

"The dog was running loose, but there is no mandatory law for a dog license or rabies shot until the dog is at least 6 months old," Castillo said. The puppy will be observed for rabies symptoms for the next three days, according to a pound spokesman.

Following the October incident, Mrs. Crane was charged with failure to confine a biting dog, lacking proof of a rabies inoculation and lacking a valid dog license, Castillo said. Her trial is scheduled for Dec. 18 in Fairfax County General District Court.