Episcopal Bishop John T. Walker of Washington, was part of a U.S. delegation that celebrated in Cairo and at Mt. Sinai the anniversary of the Camp David peace accord between Israel and Egypt.

As part of the celebration, the bishop reported, Egyptian President Anwar Sadat announced plans for an interfaith center to be built at the foot of Mt. Sinai. It will be a place, said Walker, where Christians, Moslems and Jews can meet together.

"Sadat has got the vision of what we need to do," said the bishop, "for, as recent events have shown, if the religious groups cannot come together and talk -- even worship where they can -- then the political arrangements are meaningless."

Archbishop Iakoves, 68, who this year celebrated the 20th anniversary of his leadership of the Greek Orthodox Church in the western hemisphere, has said he will retire in two years. No reason was given for the retirement. The Greek Orthodox church has no fixed retirement age for its prelates.

Spencer W. Kimball, president and prophet of the Mormon Church is recovering from what was described as successful surgery for a subdural hematoma, or bleeding from a vein inside the skull. Kimball was first hospitalized and treated for the condition in September and recovered sufficiently to continue his duties for six weeks. He was hospitalized again earlier this month.

The Rev. David J. Bowman, the first Roman Catholic priest to serve as an executive of the National Council of Churches, has left that Protestant-Orthodox body after 13 years to join the national staff of the Jesuit Conference in Washington.

Kenneth David Chroniger will be the first person ordained to the ministry of the Seventh Day Baptist denomination in Maryland at an ordination service tomorrow at Largo High School in Upper Marlboro. Chroniger will serve as pastor of the Central Seventh Day Baptist Church, which regularly meets for worship at the high school.

The Rev. Robert W. Estill, who served a term as rector of St. Alban's Church in Washington before going to a Dallas parish, has been elected Bishop Coadjutor of the Episcopal Diocese of North Carolina.

The Rev. Ralph Stutzman, formerly of All Souls Church in Washington, has been named minister of Fairfax Unitarian Church in Oakton, Va., effective March 1.

The Rev. Carol Anderson has become the first woman rector of an Episcopal church in the Diocese of New York and one of the few women priests chosen to head a parish since the denomination voted three years ago to ordain women to the priesthood.

The Rev. Joyce Smith, minister of River Road Unitarian Church in Bethesda, has been named director of Ministerial and Congregational Services for her denomination's Unitarian-Universalist Association headquarters in Boston.

The Rev. Claude R. Qualls, has retired as pastor of the Arlington Assembly of God, after 23 years of service to the church. CAPTION: Picture, BISHOP JOHN T. WALKER . . . tells of interfaith center