Sen. John W. Warner (R-Va.) has come to the aid of travelers, especially those who can't find a dime for use in public restrooms at airports. e

During his 300,000 miles of travel, mostly by airplane, as head of the American Revolution Bicentennial Commission, Warner said it had occurred to him that because there are free urinals in men's rooms, pay toilets discriminate largely against women and children.

When he found himself listening to testimony last month on the Airport Development Assistance Program, Warner decided it was time to correct the inequity. So he introduced an amendment to the 1979 funding legislation that would ban pay toilets in the restrooms of all airports that enplane at least 25,000 passengers a year.

Warner said his amendment, which was approved unanimously by the Senate Commerce, Science and Transportation Committee on Oct. 25, also requires higher standards of cleanliness at airport restrooms. The full Senate is expected to vote on the legislation next week.

'It's not something to build a career on," Warner said yesterday about the amendment, "and I know there's some humor arising from it. But in between SALT briefings and FTC regulations, I took a little time to try to help some people with a small but real problem."