Two District men have been arrested and charged in the fatal shooting of a Southeast Washington and Hillcrest Heights, Md., community leader, who was killed trying to retrieve a stolen purse.

The two were arraigned yesterday on felony murder charges in the death Saturday night of Daniel Holmes, 47, of 3225 31st St., Hillcrest Heights.

Holmes, a former letter carrier, operated a grocery store at 3221 Naylor Rd., Hillcrest Heights, near the District line.

About 6:45 p.m. Saturday, a woman complained to Holmes that her purse had been taken, and he left his store to investigate. Once outside, he saw two men take a purse from a man sitting in his parked auto, waiting for his wife.

The men got in a car and sped off. Holmes and his son, Paul Brown, who worked in the store, got in Holmes' car and pursued them.

They cut off the auto at Bruce Place and Stanton Road in the District, and Holmes walked to the vehicle and grabbed for a purse he saw inside. Shots were fired, and Holmes, who was unarmed, fell, fatally wounded.

Brown grappled with one of the men and was shot in the abdomen. The men was shot in the hand, apparently with his own gun.

Both of the men then fled. Holmes' daughter, Jane Smith, who had joined the chase in another car, recorded the abandoned vehicle's license number and reported it to police.

Police arrested Walter Jerome Mobley, 29, of 1108 Constitution Ave. NE later that night at D.C. General Hospital, where he had sought treatment for a wounded hand. The next day, police arrested his brother, Willie Evans Mobley, 27, of 3660 B St. SE. Both were arraigned yesterday in Superior Court on felony murder charges.