The 30-year-old caretaker who was killed in a robbery attempt at a Bethesda home Sunday is remembered by friends as a good neighbor who was looking forward to a new job at a local accounting agency in January.

Din Chia Wang was shot early Sunday morning after refusing to give money to the three gunmen who had broken into the home of Washington land developer Samuel Gerstenfeld at 7105 Armat Dr. The victim, whose American name was Dick, and his wife Sue were employed at the fashionable Georgian-styled residence as caretaker and housekeeper.

District police arrested three suspects in the murder later Sunday night. Two of them, Ronald Lee Henderson, 20, and his brother Larry Richard Henderson, 24, both of Bailtimore, were extradited from the District to Montgomery County yesterday afternoon. They face murder charges in Wang's death. The third suspect, Richard Laverve Rouse, 35, of 1904 Rosedale St. NE, was being held on $25,000 bond in the D.C. jail. He faces an extradition hearing on murder charges Jan. 9 in D.C. Superior Court.

Police said Wang may have had difficulty understanding his assailants because he was Taiwanese and his English was poor. But Hymen Tash, a partner in the accounting firm of Sinrod and Tash, said Wang could understand and speak English.

In the home at the time of the killing were Wang, his wife, their infant daughter Julie, Wang's mother-in-law and the three Gerstenfeld children. No one else was injured.

Police are investigating a connection between Wang's murder and a second break-in early Sunday in the same Bethesda subdivision. In that incident, two gunmen entered a house, bound and gagged an elderly couple and fled in the couple's Cadillac, police said.

Wang and his wife had bought a house and were planning to move out of the Gerstenfeld home in June, a family relative said.

Wang was remembered by neighbors as "a sweet man." He sometimes played with other neighbors' children as he walked the Gerstenfelds' children. He came to the United States six years ago and took classes at the University of Maryland where he was a straight A accounting student, a relative of the Gerstenfelds said. Wang had received his CPA certificate. r

"He was a very quiet and orderly guy," said Tash, "He wanted to get ahead. It's a terrible thing. It's such a waste of life."