Ninety-nine persons accused of being members of three major drug rings operating in Arlington have been indicted on charges of selling drugs ranging from marijuana to heroin.

The 148 indictments, which followed a six-month undercover investigation, were handed down by the county grand jury last week. They were made public yesterday by police after the suspects, nearly all of whom lived in Arlington, were in custody.

Police Department spokesman Tom Bell said two officers infiltrated three major drug rings, two of which allegedly operated in the Nauck (Green Valley) section of South Arlington. Bell said the investigation followed complaints by area residents about drug traffic. About half of those arrested in the raids lived in the Nauck area, he said.

Police said 11 of the 99 persons arrested are juveniles and that 130 of the 148 indictments are for selling marijuana. A 23-year old man, called John Doe in court papers, was charged with selling heroin, police said.

Police spokesman Bell said the undercover officers used more than $9,000 in county funds to purchase the drugs, which, in addition to marijuana and heroin, allegedly included cocaine, LSD, PCP and controlled prescription drugs.

Police said they had not determined the street value of the drugs seized, but Bell said that the largest quantity of marijuana recovered from a single suspect was about 1 1/2 pounds. In addition to the drugs, police said they recovered 14 to 18 handguns stolen in the July burglary of the Cop Shop, an outlet for police equipment on Columbia Pike in Arlington.

Guns stolen from the shop, described by its proprietor as a "Toys-R-Us for cops," which stocks troopers' hats and bullet proof vests, ranged from .25 caliber pistols to .41 caliber magnums.

Charged with grand larceny are Shelly Lane Hall, 19, of Arlington and Henry Lewis Bausby, 19, of Kansas City, Mo. Charged with receiving stolen property are Kenneth Clements, 19, and Curtis Moore, 20, both of Arlington.