Greenbelt city officials this week again expressed disappointment with U.S. Postal Service authorities, who have yet to answer questions about plans to move the post office from the town shopping center.

Last week, Rep. Gladys Noon Spellman (D-Md.) announced that the postal service had agreed to delay plans to build a new facility at Parkway and Crescent roads. Spellman said the postal service would consider establishing a "contract station" in one of the shopping center's existing stores to sell stamps and accept packages to be mailed. Spellman called the decision a "victory for Greenbelt residents," who have fought the closing of the town's 20-year-old post office.

"I'm not sure what our victory has been. We may not have won anything at all," said City Council member Thomas X. White.

In January, when the postal service announced plans to close the post office and build a larger one nearby, the council requested an analysis of the economic impact. City officals believe the service is essential to the economic well-being of the shopping center, which is now only marginally successful.

The postal service reply was contained in three lines of a letter sent city officals last month. It stated the new facility would generate $760,000 over a 10-year period. The letter did not explain the source of the $760,000.

City officials demanded to see supporting data for the claim, but this week said they still had not heard from postal authorities.