A Rockville woman has filed a $200,000 suit in Montgomery County Circuit Court claiming her privacy was invaded when a film company showed her grocery shopping in a movie on nutrition that called her "chubby."

According to papers filed in the suit, the movie Mission Nutrition depicted Beverly Kouzel as an object of ridicule by showing her shopping in the Aspen Hill Giant supermarket while a narrator said, "Some of our chubby friends seem to take in more than they burn." Kouzel says she was filmed without her permission.

The film was shown in December 1976 at Parkland Junior High School to classes that included Kouzel's children and children of her firends, the court papers say. Kouzel lost more than 100 pounds between the filming and the time it was shown at Parkland, they add.

The suit names the D.C. film company Astrafilm, the supermarket and the Montgomery County school board as defendents.

The county school system bought the film in 1973 for instructional purposes.

It was not commissioned by the school system and was withdrawn Dec. 13, 1976, school officials said.

The suit claims Astrafilm exhibited "reckless and utter disregard" of Kouzel's privacy. Company officials were unavailable for comment yesterday.

Kouzel refused to comment on the cases.